10 Reasons Why America Is Falling In Love With Diesel Cars

There’s no denying that Americans enjoy driving cars with gasoline engines in them. Let’s face it; even though gas might seem expensive, it’s still cheaper than many parts of the world. Of course, diesel vehicles also have a place in many an American’s heart.

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Diesel engines are good for workhorses like semi-trucks that do six-figure mileage. They provide exceptional economy and are better for the environment. Did you know that, these days, many of us prefer to drive diesel cars? In fact, I’d go so far to say that many Americans are falling in love with them!

So, what’s there to love about diesel cars? To some people, they are noisy and smelly. But, to others, they are an awesome piece of mechanical engineering. Here are ten reasons why you will probably fall in love with diesel cars too:

  1. They are more valuable than gas cars

Now I’m not one to buy a car as an investment. After all; for the most part, the value of any car will decline over time. In fact, the only time I’d consider a car an “investment” is if it was a popular classic!

OK, I digress. The point I’m trying to make is that diesel cars are worth more than their gas equivalents. Yes, they also cost more to buy. But, when it comes to selling them a few years later, you’ll get more cash for a diesel.

  1. You can do more miles to a full tank of diesel

Compare two identical displacement engines. One is gas; the other is diesel. Do that on any vehicle and you’ll find you get better mileage from the diesel. Why? Because diesel engines are more efficient. Sure, some car makers like Mazda are making great strides in gasoline engine efficiency.

But, diesel power plants will always be the superior of the two when it comes to fuel economy. If you do a lot of long-distance driving, a diesel is the best choice for you.

  1. They offer plenty of tuning potential

It’s not just gas engines that can get tuned for extra horsepower! Diesel tuning has come on leaps and bounds over the years. There are so many tuning options available; they often put their gas cousins to shame!

Just how powerful can you make a diesel engine? Click here to see a Cummins diesel engine with insane power if you want an example! Many tuning options open to gas engines also work well on a diesel motor.

  1. Torque matters just as much as horsepower

Car enthusiasts will always talk about how a vehicle needs insane horsepower for performance. But, what they often forget is that torque matters just as much as horsepower! All diesel engines have exceptional levels of torque from the factory.

If you want a car that pushes you back in your seat, you need an engine that offers lots of torque. A diesel motor fits the bill perfectly! Compare the specs of a VW Golf diesel and a gas GTi model. Notice something? The diesel motor has more torque!

  1. Your maintenance costs are cheaper

There is a significant price difference between gas and diesel car servicing costs. Diesels are cheaper to maintain for many reasons. First of all, they are more robust. That means fewer parts will fail as the engine and car ages. Second, there are no costly spark plugs to replace. And, third, diesel engines have a far simpler design.

If you need a car that saves you money over the total cost of ownership, forget EVs. You need a diesel-powered auto!

  1. More choices of diesel cars on the market

Americans want different things out of a car these days. The environment, costs and reliability are more important than insane horsepower. They also don’t care much for scores of optional extras.

Today, diesel autos are becoming more commonplace on American roads. And it’s not just big pickup trucks that have diesel power. It’s possible to get even small compacts with diesel motors under the hood.

People in the U.S. want to spend less on maintaining and driving their cars. Diesel vehicles offer big savings over their gas counterparts.

  1. You don’t lose space in the trunk

When it comes to buying eco-friendly cars, some folks think hybrid is the way to go. The downside of such a choice is you lose space in the trunk. With a diesel car, you don’t need to make such a sacrifice!

The space you get in a diesel car’s trunk is the same as it is in a gas one. With the benefits a diesel auto offers, why bother getting a hybrid gas car like the Toyota Prius?

  1. Diesel cars aren’t as loud as they used to be

One of the stereotypes that surround diesel autos is that they’re loud and clackety. Sure, that was the case with early diesels from the 70s and 80s. The thing is; today’s diesel cars are much quieter than they used to be!

Sit behind the wheel of any modern diesel auto and turn the engine on. Close the door and what do you hear? That’s right – not much at all! In fact, some say today’s diesels have quieter motors than gas ones.

  1. You don’t need a dorky-looking car to be green

One thing that most people know by now is how weird hybrids and EVs look. Just because a car features new technology doesn’t mean it has to look weird?

The brilliant thing about diesel cars is they look the same as their gas engine cousins. Inside and out, they are, in essence, the same vehicle. The only difference is, of course, what’s under the hood.

  1. You aren’t stuck with an automatic transmission

Another downside to hybrids and EVs is that you have to use an annoying CVT transmission. Yes, most people in America drive automatic cars. But, that doesn’t mean people don’t want a choice of gearbox!

Diesel engines can get mated to automatic, manual or semi-automatic transmissions. You have the same gearbox choices as you do with gas cars.

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