5 Cart Accessories that Are Practical

When it comes to golf carts, there are many accessories that can be attached. Although some of these may be more aesthetic than practical, there are many that have realistic purposes. Regardless of use, accessories on your golf carts enhances your course’s reputation as various additions could be alluring for various players. The condition of the cart itself will play a prominent role in how well some golfers will judge the course overall.

golf cartsFans

Heavy duty exterior fans attached to your carts can help virtually any player feel more comfortable when out in the sun for several hours on the course. A player that isn’t fighting heat exhaustion will play better, which could lead to the player coming back more often than not. No one wants to play an 18-hole course if the experience is miserably hot.

Heating Elements

Many golfers will play even if snow is covering the green. Although you may not be open during the winter months, autumn and spring days can be somewhat cool. Propane heaters can be the answer to promoting personal comfort during the cooler months of play.

Brush Guard

Although you would prefer your patrons to remain on cart paths, many will still try and take the vehicles off road and into the rough. Brush guards can protect the cart from a variety of damages including light impacts with trees and other flora. Don’t assume that all players pay attention to where they’re driving on the fairway.

GPS Devices

Tracking systems within golf carts using GPS are not as important as they were before the development of smartphones. However, they can still be a welcome addition as players wouldn’t have to download apps or plugins for your specific course.

Ball and Club Washers

Those that are avid golfers understand the value of ball and club washers attached to the golf cart. These items help players keep their equipment in prime condition while on the course regardless of where they are standing. Debris on the ball and/or club can be detrimental to each swing, and these units promote an improved golfing experience.

These are only a few of the accessories you can add to your carts. Equipment such as ezgo golf cart parts can add a great deal of functionality and features that may please your patrons. When you want to inspire golfers to return, the features of the cart may play into the experience of a golfer. Give them a reason to remember your course other than the fairways and greens.

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