5 Most Common Transmission Problems and How You Can Fix Them

Transmission problems can have a detrimental impact on your car. If you hear clunking, humming or your car is simply not responding, it may be the transmission that is at fault. Worse, it can seem that this is an impossible task to rectify. For those without a mechanics qualification, it can seem as though this problem is getting worse. The average driver does not usually recognise these issues. But, mechanical problems can be easily spotted. Diagnosing issues with your vehicle doesn’t have to be complicated. There are some common signs that you can watch out for.

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1.    Your Car is Not Responding

Is your vehicle hesitant or refusing to shift into gear? If so, this could be symptomatic of a problem with the transmission. Your car should automatically shift into gear without any problems. Manual transmissions can be problematic too. So, if the engine is surging and the car is still hesitant or lacking a response, it may be time to seek out transmission repair in Houston. If the engine is still ticking over, all is not lost. The clutch may need to be replaced. But, it may be a sign of a more dangerous problem. This one can be a tricky one to rectify at home. So, seek out a mechanic to take a look for you.

2.    Obscure Noises

Cars that make odd noises may be suffering from a transmission issue. Whining, buzzing, clunking and humming can all be signs of transmission issues. While all cars have different sounds, if something sounds odd or different, take a look. Usually, the sounds will occur when you are changing gear. This is an underlying problem with the transmission. So, make sure that you are checking the underside of your car. Get this repaired as a matter of urgency. In the main, this is a cheap problem to fix. So, don’t wait until the problem is more severe. This is when you will be hit with a significant cost.

3.    Leaking Fluid

Leaks can be detrimental to your cars performance. So, make sure that you are not causing transmission breakdown. The fluid within the car ensures that the engine and transmissions are lubricated. What is more, this acts as a cleaner within the vehicle. If you don’t fix this issue, the engine can seize. This can be a costly problem to rectify. Ensure that you are checking your fluids using the dipstick. Change fluids that have an unusual odour or colour. This is a great way of making sure that your vehicle is in premium condition.

4.    Grinding or Shaking While You Drive

In the crux of it all, cars are meant to be smooth operators. If they are performing in a way that is anything but, it’s time to take a look at the problem. Grinding and shaking can be indicative of problems with the transmissions. It can also be a sign of worn gears. So, check your brake pads and clutch to make sure that there are no significant problems. Replace these if necessary.

5.    Burning Smell

If you can smell burning from your car, it’s time to investigate as a matter of importance. Overheating transmission fluid is usually to blame. So, make sure that the fluid is replaced and topped up. Ensure that you have the right fluid for your car. Sometimes, incorrect fluid can be the cause of the problem.

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