9 Cool Technology Examples You Can Expect To Find In An Audi

We all know that Audi makes some stunning and capable cars. Many models that came out of Ingolstadt are iconic and firm favourites with enthusiasts.

AudiBut what some of you might not know is Audi are industry innovators and pioneers. Each time a model gets released, owners can enjoy all kinds of cool new features.

Here are nine examples of technologies you can expect to find in many of today’s Audi models:

  1. LED DRLs (Daytime Running Lights)

Quite often you will come across cars that seem to have their lights on during the day. You’d expect that from Volvo models, for example. But, it seems many other car makers are following suit.

Daytime running lights are now a standard fit on many Audi models. Selected ones have LED lights for crisper, brighter lighting.

  1. Laser Headlights

On most cars, you can expect to find headlights that use halogen or Xenon gas bulbs. A new innovation, laser headlights provide three times as much light as LEDs. They use a clever system of reflective glass and mirrors.

  1. Sweeping Indicators

When we use our turn signals, we expect to see one or more bulbs light up in succession. Sweeping indicators are different in that they use “banks” of LEDs per signal. That gives them a “fading out” effect as the lights get extinguished.

  1. Parking Assist

I don’t know about you, but I abhor parallel parking. In fact, I’d rather spend the time to find a long, empty space to park! The good news is many Audis come with Parking Assist.

In a nutshell, the car parks for you. All you have to do is manage the brake and accelerator pedals. I test drove an A4 from Inchcape Audi the other week and tried this system out. I have to say – it’s pretty impressive!

  1. Virtual Cockpit

When we look at our dashboards, a set of instruments and dials stare back at us. But, what if they did something useful like give us navigation instructions? Behold the Virtual Cockpit from Audi! The system uses a TFT screen. So, in effect, you’re looking at a screen rather than traditional dials!

  1. Adaptive Cruise Control

The problem with conventional cruise control is that you have to brake when you get too close to the car in front. With the “adaptive” version, the car slows down for you. It’s an innovation Audi are rolling out across many of their models.

  1. Head-up Display

It seems that car makers are keen to use one large space in your car to help you be a better driver. Head-up displays project information onto your windscreen, such as speed and navigation directions.

  1. Audi Phonebox

Don’t worry; you won’t be driving around with a physical phonebox in your car! Audi offers a system where you can “dock” your smartphone. Your device then uses the car’s antenna for mobile reception. The result? You get a clearer signal on your phone!

  1. Side Assist

Last, but not least, Audi also offer some clever lane-changing technology called Side Assist. The system warns you if there’s a vehicle approaching the lane that you want to merge with.

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