All-New Lexus NX Offers Turbo Power, Hybrid Options

A few days ago, luxury car manufacturer Lexus announced the release of the all-new NX model. It is a luxury-utility crossover SUV, which takes inspiration from its older brother, the RX. Following in the tracks of the new GS and IS saloons, its aim is to offer something new and fresh for consumers.

all-new NX model

The 2015 Lexus NX will be available in two formats: the NX 200t, and the NX 300h. So what is it about this car that Lexus thinks will take the motoring world by storm? Read on to find out more!

The Lexus NX 200t

Ask any Lexus enthusiast and they will tell you that the engines offered in past models were not turbocharged. A first for Lexus with the 200t model is that it has a turbocharged 2.0-litre engine as standard.

The 235 brake horsepower engine works with a six-speed automatic transmission. Its exhaust manifold has a twin-scroll turbocharger, while the cylinder head is combination water-cooled.

Dynamic torque control on the 4×4 variant splits power between the front and rear wheels between 50:50 and 100:0. It ensures that NX 200t drivers have excellent traction on and off the road.

It’s a clever system, because it does this “on the fly.” In other words, you don’t need to tell it to do anything; it does it all for you! The dynamic torque control system can also help you to save fuel. That is because it works in front-wheel drive mode during normal motoring.

The Lexus NX 300h

Another model that will also be available from dealerships such as Inchcape Lexus is the Lexus NX 300h.

The hybrid features a 2.5-litre Atkinson-cycle petrol engine that works with an electric drivetrain. Another first for Lexus is the unique kickdown feature of the automatic transmission. In the NX 300h, activating the kickdown will ensure total power delivery, which is also instantaneous.

On some automatic cars, there is often a delay before anything notable happens under the hood! But luckily, with the Lexus NX 300h, that delay is a thing of the past.

The NX 300h also comes with the Lexus “E-Four proactive all-weather drive system.” In other words, the petrol engine drives the front wheels, while the electric motor drives the rear wheels.

Other features

There are many features of the new Lexus NX that will tempt buyers to the Lexus fold.

The Lexus NX is the first model by the luxury car maker to feature a wireless charging tray. The Qi charging tray sits inside of the centre console and works with compatible smartphones and devices.

As standard, the audio system features a high-definition setup. It is Bluetooth-enabled and offers traffic and weather information as standard. An upgrade to the Premium Audio system includes a digital sound processor for greater sound clarity.

The 7-inch touchscreen display can also work with an optional satellite navigation system. One thing I love about the sat-nav is that you also have 3D and bird’s eye view options. That is much better than flat imagery which is normal on most satellite navigation devices.

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