Audi and Google Partner for Infotainment

In-car entertainment is something many car-buyers now desire. There are a number of things that drivers can have access to at just the touch of a screen, which can improve their overall driving experience. With that in mind, auto-manufacturer Audi has partnered with Google to develop software that will provide drivers with the entertainment and information they want.

Audi A3 Sedan

Audi A3 Sedan

Ease of Use

The new development was announced at the Consumer Electronics Show. According to the Wall Street Journal, the “infotainment” system will take advantage of the search engine’s “Google Now” system, which is a rival to Apple’s Siri system. This can help centralize all the systems within the vehicle based on Android systems, which Google notes will help make Android a key technology for vehicles in the future.

An information and entertainment center allows for drivers and passengers to access a number of things that can boost their ride. Through the system, a driver will be able to:

* Play their music

* Utilize a navigation system through maps

* Have access to certain apps they enjoy

* Take advantage of other commonly-used services

In essence, Google plans to make many of the same services available on a car that are currently available on an Android-powered smartphone. Therefore, drivers already familiar with the platform should easily be able to transition into using the system.

From Mobile to Vehicle

There is an increasing movement of developers for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets into the auto industry. The market for such technology has so far remained largely untapped, leaving an opening for these developers to come up with applications that drivers would both enjoy and benefit from.

It used to be that vehicles with “smart” capabilities were only on TV. Viewers may remember the vehicle in “Knight Rider” talking and responding to orders. With Google and Apple developing these new, car-friendly platforms, cars like that will soon be a reality, which will make dreams come true for many who have could only imagine what it would be like to have a “smart” car.

Apple’s Take

The partnership between Google and Audi comes on the heels of the work Apple is already doing in the industry. Last May, Apple announced they will be working to combine their Siri platform and Apple Maps with the dashboards of certain vehicles. Already, there are several car manufacturers who have

jumped on board to take advantage of the new technology. Apple’s plan is to provide the systems for the automakers, which include BMW, General Motors, Honda and Mercedes-Benz.

The Difference

Where Apple will simply turn their technology over to these carmakers, Google has a different take. The company wants to actually integrate their software with the vehicle’s built-in hardware systems. This is why it is working alongside Audi to develop the software for the infotainment system. The Android software will be synced with the computer that is hard-wired inside the vehicle.

As both mobile manufacturers begin developing technology that will enhance both vehicles and the end-user’s experience, it opens the door for other developers to jump into the ring. Through ramping up mobile efforts, both Apple and Google will help to make 2014 a very exciting year, in terms of technological developments.

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