Car Accidents: A Step By Step Guide To Claiming Compensation

As a car owner, there is the risk that you may be apart of an accident at some point in time. Unfortunately, it is an occupational hazard of being on the road. And, unfortunately, you may also end up getting hurt and considering making a claim for compensation. Compensation claims are not simple, which is why you need to know a few things before you begin. These are the steps you have to take if you are in an accident, and you are considering making a claim.


Gathering The Evidence

For your claim to be successful, or for them to take it seriously, you need evidence. The evidence is crucial because it allows the authorities to estimate what happened and who was to blame. Obviously, you want to prove that you were subject to negligence by another driver that caused you pain, so you need solid proof. Gathering the evidence starts before the legal process begins. You need to start taking photos and asking for information as soon as possible. Photographic evidence is often the best form of evidence because experts can use the crash marks to come to their conclusion.

Finding Out Who Was At Fault

No one wants to waste their time, energy and money filing a suit that is not going to win, which is why you need to know who is at fault. Also, you want to know to what extent they were at fault. For the most part, it is easy to distinguish. For example, if anyone runs into the back of your car under any circumstances, it is their fault. Why? It is their fault because they should be far enough back to react to any hazards on the road. Other circumstances, like a big pile up, are harder to evaluate.

Assessing The Injuries

Injuries can make the difference between the award of compensation and the ruling going against you. But, again, you need proof to be able to show that the accident has impaired you physically and affected your life in some way, shape or form. To show that you need assessing by a doctor because they are medical professionals with buckets of trust throughout the community. Once they are done assessing you, ask them to write a doctor’s note to say that they have done an examination, and they have found injuries. When you present this in court, this should be irrefutable evidence.

Calling The Solicitor

There is no way that you will get through the process without the help of a solicitor or solicitors. The process is too complex, plus, you are a novice that has no clue how to provide evidence and put together a case. One of the first things you need to do when you know you are going to claim is to find the best legal help available. They could be the difference between winning and losing.


The last step is to negotiate a deal. The driver at fault may know that they won’t win, and they may like to settle. They may not like to settle, and in that case, it is going to court where a judge will decide.

To be honest, you won’t have much to do with the negotiating process because that is in the solicitor’s wheelhouse.

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