Car Clubs: Should You Join One If You Don’t Drive Much?

An interesting motoring concept which is increasing in popularity both in the United Kingdom and within other European countries and beyond are car clubs.

At a low level, car clubs which anyone can join where members ask if people are traveling on a particular route at one or more given days, and other members who happen to be driving on part or all of the route can respond to the requestor offering a lift.

Car Clubs Should You Join

Because the driver of the car will have to use more fuel on their journey by taking a passenger with them, and also because they will have to take the time to pick up the passenger and drop them off at pre-agreed locations, they are financially compensated for their troubles by the passenger.

With some car clubs, you can actually hire a car for a short period of time, whether it be an hour, half a day or a whole day, and you drive the car yourself. You simply pay for the duration of your hire beforehand, collect the car from a pre-arranged location and then drop it back there once you are finished.

The benefits to using car clubs

There are numerous reasons why people use car clubs, some of which are shown below:

  • It’s cheap – if you have to go on a long journey, it can often cost a lot of money if you have to travel by public transport or even hire a car from traditional car hire firms. But if you get a lift with someone that is travelling most of the same journey as you, the cost savings are significantly high;

  • It’s convenient – journey bookings are arranged through a website for many car clubs, and some websites don’t even require you to arrange your booking direct with the person involved. This means everything is done through the website so that there are no potential problems caused by misunderstandings from either person involved in the process;

  • It’s fun – it’s a great way of meeting all sorts of interesting people, and if you get on well with the person you share a car with, you could obviously arrange future bookings with them through the car club’s website.

The downsides to using car clubs

As with most things in life, there are some downsides to using car clubs. Although the people who set up car clubs try to make the whole process as simple and effective for both the passenger and the driver, there will inevitably be issues that can sometimes crop up.

For example, the person who is supposed to pick you up might be late or not turn up at all, and vice-versa, or you might not get on with the person that you are travelling with.


Although there are some obvious cost advantages to using car clubs, in some cases it might be easier to just buy a car that is cheap to run, such as the cars for sale at Motorpoint. You don’t necessarily need to buy a brand new car, and the car you do buy could simply be a small city car.

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