Car Repairs That You Yourself Can Do!

Repairing your car by on your own is a risk that most people refuse to take. However taking the vehicle to the mechanic every single time can also be quite heavy on your budget as well. Take note that a lot of faults can be fixed by you, despite not having good technical skills!

Car Repairs

Most people fear that they might end up permanently damage their vehicle if they were to fix things up themselves. But you must understand that cars are resilient machines. No matter what their model or age might be the chances of permanently damaging a car yourself while trying to fix it are low.

It is always a smart move to first address the faults yourself. You’ll be shocked at how easily some fixes can be made without having to pay a visit to the local mechanic.

How to repair a vehicle on your own?

The first thing you must do is simply Google your problem. AutoMD, ExpertVillageand Car Repairs Bromley are three platforms that are bound to help you out with the issues. Use your phone or computer, etc. as a manual and follow the instructions. Take pictures so that you can make a comparison between what’s in the manual and what you see in the car. Also be ready to search up terms if needed.

All cars may differ in their make and age yet the tools needed to fix them happen to be the same. Below is a small list of tools that you must always be equipped with;

  • An adjustable wrench
  • A torque wrench
  • Some pliers
  • A jack
  • A socket and a ratchet set
  • Phillips and flat headed screwdrivers

For replacing a broken or a worn-out drive belt, first make sure that the belt isn’t just loose, because if it is you need not replace it. Just tightening it up will do the trick.

See whether it is the drive belt that is causing the squealing noise or the serpentine belt. Sometimes pulleys or even the tensioner pulley can cause this to happen so make sure to inspect first.

To replace your alternator or battery:

If the car isn’t turning over then, you might need to check up on the battery and the alternator. Use a multimeter for checking. If the measured power is low, then you will need to replace it, or might just need to jump it.  Do make sure to clean your battery to keep it in a good state.

Replacing brake pads

If your brake pads squeal when you apply brakes, then it is time to switch them up. But if you hear a grinding sound from the vehicle instead then the rotor is the one that needs to be replaced.

Replacing the hose

If you notice some liquid on the ground where you have parked, then you might need to replace the hose and other parts causing such a leak. Just unclamp the leaking hose, place in a new one, and then take the clamp and reinstall it.

Tuning your car

You can also tune up a vehicle by yourself. All you have to do is replace the fuel and the air filter, check for sparked plugs and wiring and replace them. Replace the rotor and the distributor cap, and then change the oil.

Once you are comfortable doing these things, you’ll soon be able to tackle more challenging stuff as well!

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