Car Servicing: The Case For Only Using Genuine Parts

When you service or repair your car, there are normally two types of parts that you will be using on your pride and job: genuine parts, and non-genuine parts.Many people tend to buy non-genuine parts because they are cheaper, and the manufacturer of the parts guarantees that they will fit the vehicles for which they are intended to be installed on.

Car Servicing

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But did you know that when you service your car, you should always use genuine parts instead of non-genuine ones? Here’s why!

They are higher quality than non-genuine parts

Let’s say that one of your front wheel bearings is failing and needs to be replaced. Instead of using a manufacturer-branded genuine wheel bearing from your local main dealer’s parts department, you buy a cheap alternative from a local motor factors and you fit it yourself.

About 6 months later this wheel bearing catastrophically fails whilst you are driving due to its poor construction and the wheel that is attached to it come off your car (pretty scary huh)!

If this was caused by a genuine part, and the work was carried out by a main dealer, it is likely that the dealer and/or manufacturer would pay for the necessary repair work to be done to your car, but because you used a cheaper alternative which wasn’t fit for purpose, you are extremely likely to get anything apart from a refund or replacement for your wheel bearing.

They are reliable

Because the parts are made to the same exact standards as the ones they are going to replace on your car, they are going to last significantly longer than non-genuine parts where the trade-off to the cheaper cost is poor quality construction or materials used.

They will be a perfect fit

Whenever you buy non-genuine parts, there is always the issue of trying to make them fit properly on your car. When you get non-genuine body panels, for example, they tend to be harder to fit and take longer to install than non-genuine panels.

The last thing you want to be doing when fitting some crucial parts to your car is having to worry whether they will fit OK on your car or not, because all you want to do is just fit the parts and finish the job as quickly as possible!

Some parts made by manufacturers can often have several different variations, according to the service technicians at Whilst it is easy to get the right part for your own particular car, non-genuine parts may not take into account these parts variations and, as a result, will not fit your car properly – if at all.

One bad part can affect the performance of other good parts

What some people don’t realise is that if they fit one non-genuine part to their car, the poor quality of that part can affect the performance and efficiency of related parts. Using our dodgy wheel bearing as an example, it could affect the genuine hub, suspension and brake components if it were to fail completely.

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