Chevrolet Pokes Holes At Ford’s New F-150 Pickup Truck – Literally!

It’s no secret that General Motors and Ford are two auto manufacturers that are long time rivals. For many decades, the two have attempted to one-up each other in the consumer vehicle market. It seems the latest battle of the two auto giant is Chevrolet vs. Ford. In particular, their light commercial pickup trucks have taken center stage.

16 Chevrolet Silverado

Chevrolet’s latest ad campaign centers around their Silverado pickup trucks. A much-loved model, the new Silverado has taken to poking holes at Ford’s F-150 pickup truck. And that’s in a literal sense too!

So, what’s the beef between General Motors and Ford this time?

Both Chevrolet and Ford claim to have the toughest, most versatile pickup trucks available. We all know that truck owners are a loyal bunch, and they’ll usually stick with their brand no matter what.

The thing is, Chevrolet wants to poach some customers from the mighty Ford. And one hilarious way they’ve found of doing so is with a dramatic ad campaign!

They wanted to show both Chevy and Ford pickup truck owners just how good the Silverado is. How did they do that? Well, it involved 825 pounds of concrete landscaping blocks!

GM decided that it was best to show a live video of just how well the flatbeds on each truck could cope with a heavy load. They dumped the landscaping blocks into each flatbed from five feet in the air.

As you might expect, both flatbeds became dented and scratched. But, the interesting thing to note is that the flatbed on the Ford F-150 got punctured. Not once, but in several places! The reason is down to the fact the Ford’s flatbed gets made of aluminum. Whereas the Chevrolet Silverado’s one is high-strength steel.

Chevrolet feels that steel is better than aluminum for pickup truck beds. And it looks like this real-life test has proven that fact! Just don’t ask for any repeat demonstrations at your local Chevrolet dealers!

Was there any point to the test?

General Motors believes that it can tempt Ford owners to “the other side” with a Chevy Silverado. They know that pickup truck owners need robust and reliable vehicles. Especially when they have to transport lots of heavy cargo each day.

So, why has Ford opted for an aluminum flatbed on its latest F-150 models? The answer is simple: weight. As you may know, aluminum is a lighter metal than steel. If you make a pickup truck lighter, it’ll offer better gas mileage. Aluminum might be lightweight, but it’s also a tough metal. Although perhaps not as tough in some scenarios, such as Chevrolet’s demonstration

A less extreme example of strength

The above demonstration might seem extreme to many people. So, GM decided to do another small-scale yet “real life” example. This time, they pushed an empty metal toolbox from each truck’s side rail into the flatbed. They did this 14 times in each pickup truck!

The results were quite interesting. The 28-pound toolbox punctured the flatbed of the Ford F-150. While on the Chevy Silverado, it only dented its flatbed.

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