Designs for Auto Parts

The design teams for auto parts have huge responsibilities. The engineers must choose the materials and the shape for the part. The shape of a water pump could be curved like an oval or could have corners like a rectangle. The parts are usually attached with bolts, which requires that the engineers must design the bolt holes. The metal must have special characteristics such as tensile strength and range of temperatures.

die assembly process


The specifications are important because the part could malfunction or could injure a person. A water pump has a rotating part that must be sealed to prevent the coolant from leaking from the water pump. If the seal suddenly cracks, a person could be injured by the hot coolant that is spraying from the part. The water pump will be affected by chemicals, internal pressure and by striking forces. The details about the special requirements will help a manufacturer, such as Auto-Cast Inc., to complete the die assembly process.

Temperature Range

A part that is made from an aluminum alloy could be damaged by the striking forces from a hammer. Aluminum is softer than chrome vanadium, which is a metal that is used to make hand tools. The water pump could be damaged if a worker uses too much torque to attach a bolt when the part is being installed on a vehicle. The range of temperature is important because the aluminum will become softer at high temperatures.


The water pump will be used to pump coolant around the engine parts. The coolant will be heated to high temperatures and will be pressurized inside the water pump. The aluminum alloy must withstand the forces from the pressure and from the temperature. The coolant contains water, which can cause the formation of rust. Aluminum alloys can be used to quickly transfer heat and have special properties that inhibit the formation of rust.


The engineers must evaluate the design of the water pump with regard to potential hazards. The vibrations inside the engine compartment should not damage the part. The water pump should be positioned on the engine at a spot that is protected from potential damage by road debris because the aluminum alloy is soft. The design of the part will be affected by several factors such as the costs of the materials and the location of the part in the engine compartment.

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