Good Fuel Returns Lead CJ Bird To Take Two Euro 6 DAF XFs

Good fuel returns lead CJ Bird to take two Euro 6 DAF XFs – Sep 14, 2013– Thame, UK (AutoReleased) – South Wales operator C J Bird Transport has taken delivery of two DAF XF tractor units that meet the Euro 6 emissions standard following what managing director Chris Bird describes as “exceptionally good fuel consumption” during trials with a demonstrator.

C J Bird Euro 6 XF

C J Bird Euro 6 XF

Both trucks are two-axle FT XF Super Space cab models plated to run at 40 tonnes and powered by the 12.9 litre MX-13 engine but at two different power ratings. One delivers 460 bhp (340 kW) and the other 510 bhp (375 kW), with respective torque outputs of 2300 and 2500 Nm.

“Having one of each will enable us to compare the fuel performance at these two power outputs and get some experience of Euro 6, all of which will help inform our decisions on future purchases,” explains Chris Bird. “Although the trucks are plated at 40 tonnes, the nature of the products we carry means that we usually run at under this weight, so at either 460 or 510 bhp these trucks have ample power. But it will be interesting to learn over time which of the two power ratings will give us the best performance both in terms of fuel and of overall driveability.”

Both trucks will operate throughout Europe running with 90 cubic metre Schmitz Euroliner tri-axle trailers. The 460 will be on general haulage carrying packaging, plastic products, and automotive and aeronautical components, whilst the 510 will be used mainly on work for a major exhibitions contractor moving material to and from trade fairs.

Much of the work of the trucks is time critical and the reliability of the DAFs, along with good support right across Europe through DAFAid and the dealer network, was an important factor in the decision to buy the trucks.

“The type of work they are on also means that both drivers will get to use the Super Space cab quite a lot,” says Chris Bird. “Both have commented favourably on the high standard of fit and finish in the cab and the level of comfort it provides when on the road driving or when sleeping in it.”

To meet the tough Euro 6 emissions standards while also ensuring the highest fuel efficiency, the MX-13 engine uses a combination of technologies. These include exhaust gas after-treatment technologies, an SCR catalytic converter and a diesel particulate filter.

The E6 XF also features a version of the 12-speed AS-Tronic automated gearbox with a number of functions specifically designed for DAF. Newly developed software and new sensors mean that the clutch action is very gradual and smooth, giving improved performance when driving off and maneouvering. And during gradual descents the EcoRoll feature disengages the clutch to allow a controlled ‘roll’ at engine idling speed, which contributes to better fuel consumption.

The company carries out its own maintenance in a well-equipped workshop at its Tonyrefail base near Cardiff. However, with the new Euro 6 XFs they have decided to back this up with a two year Repair & Maintenance contract under which the supplying dealer, Watts Truck & Van Centre, will undertake all scheduled servicing backed up by a third year warranty on the driveline.

The Euro 6 XFs are not the only new DAFs to join the CJ Bird fleet this year. The company has also recently taken delivery of three FAR CF85.410 three-axle rear-steer rigids and a FA CF65.300 two-axle 18 tonne rigid.


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