Here’s Why Kia Motors Is Getting More Popular

When you think of your dream car, you don’t think of a Kia. Kia Motors, by its own admission, is not one of the most glamorous brands in the car industry. Yet, they are a very popular brand, and they are only getting more popular. The question is why are car buyers deciding to go with them instead of the other household names? The answer is simple: they have a range of benefits that make them a great choice. If you don’t believe that, just take a look at the following.

Kia Sorento

Value For Money

Even the biggest Kia hater can’t argue with the price of most of the models. It is hard to find one that is more than $20,000, which is cheap. Volkswagen and Ford are continually selling their name brands for $10,000 more. Not everyone has that extra cash lying around the house, which is exactly why they are going with Kia. The car may not be the best car on the market, but it is cheap and does the job. For most drivers in this financial climate, that is all they want from their motor.

Good Warranties

As far as warranties go, no one can match Kia except for Hyundai. Nowadays, a typical Allentown Kia warranty includes up to ten years and 100,000 miles with extra benefits on the side. As a driver, there is no better feeling than knowing that you have a backup plan when your car breaks down. And, that reflects in the sales as they jumped by a huge margin. It seems that everyone wants a good warranty because they never know when they car will start to judder. Kia realizes this and is reaping the rewards.

Energy-Efficient Models

In 2016, energy-efficiency is a big part of selling cars. You probably saw just how far Volkswagen was willing to go to make it look like it was preserving energy. Kia is a company that provides buyers with a viable energy-efficient option. In fact, they have just released this year’s Soul EV, an electric version of the classic Kia Soul. The truth is that Kia doesn’t tend to make huge cars, so it also doesn’t need to install huge engines. The result is that they are a lot better for the environment than their European and American cousins.

They Are Pretty

There is no point in pretending that car buyers don’t take looks seriously. Looks are one of the major factors when it comes to making a decision, so cars can’t be ugly. Although they may all not be stunners, Kia does make some attractive motors. They are certainly passable, and you won’t get laughed at on the street for driving one. When you add in the above benefits, it starts to make a lot more sense.

They Are Made Outside Of Korea

The stigma is that Koreans don’t make good cars. Well, most of their cars are not made in Korea anymore. The result is an increase in quality that is making more people consider buying a Kia.

Gone are the days when a Kia wasn’t a desirable car.

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