How Different Types of Weather Affect Your Tires

You may not think about them on a daily basis, but your tires are a pretty important part of your car. If you have ever had a flat tire, you realize just how much you need to take care of tires to prevent issues. Here are some ways that the weather can have an impact on your tires:

Weather Affect Your Tires

Tire Pressure: The pressure in your tires will change depending on the temperature. When it is warm, the air molecules in your tires will be moving quickly, and will spread further, giving you a higher pressure reading. Cold weather creates the opposite effect; the air molecules in your tire are more compacted so that more air can be present, thus giving you a lower reading. To ensure accurate readings you can use an iphone or android weather app and try to account for the change in temperature. Depending on where you get your pressure reading done, you may be able to ask about how a current reading can change with the weather.

Sleet and Mud: Unpredictable weather can cause all sorts of things to end up in your car’s way- and in your tires. Sleet and mud can end up clogging tires, reducing grip and creating a safety hazard for you and your passengers. Having a radar for weather on your phone can let you know that mud or sleet are ahead, and give you a chance to clean out your tires before you hit the road and cause permanent damage.

Driving in the Rain: Getting on the road while it is raining can sometimes be a necessary part of life. During rain, the roads become slick and your tires will need to keep up in order to avoid hydroplaning. This is one of the reasons that keeping your tires in good repair is crucial to avoiding accidents. If you are running late on a tire change, avoid the rain with a local radar weather app. All smart phones offer apps with radar for weather, so you can stay ahead- or behind- the rainclouds.

Keeping your tires well maintained is integral to road safety- so get your tires changed regularly, and keep updated on any bad weather heading your way.

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