How Motorhome Sellers Are Combating Fraud And Theft

Many people assume that selling a motorhome isn’t too dissimilar to selling a car. You give it a clean, make it presentable, and advertise it for sale, right? The truth is, selling a motorhome can sometimes be harder to do. That’s because the market for them is smaller than with cars. And that means the potential for fraud and theft is high.

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Even ten-year-old motorhomes fetch a high value because they are classed as such a niche market. Every so often, motorhome owners want to sell their vehicles and upgrade to newer or bigger models. So, how are sellers combating fraud and theft? Here are some expert tips and tricks:

Never disclose private vehicle details over the phone

Savvy thieves may call sellers and pose as a potential buyer. They do this because they want to learn more about the motorhome’s legal credentials. Alarm bells should start to ring if they ask for details like VIN numbers and reference numbers found on paperwork.

A real seller would not ask for those details over the phone; instead, they will ask to see them in person before making an offer. So, why are thieves asking for those details over the phone?

The answer is simple. If they steal the motorhome, they can use the details to create fake paperwork when they sell the vehicle to another person. The fake paperwork can get used to give the impression that everything is legitimate with the sale.

Don’t sell to overseas buyers

Another hot tip is to avoid selling motorhomes to foreign buyers. All too often, they will suggest putting the sale money in escrow and make it seem like the deal is genuine. The sad truth is that, for the most part, the “buyer” usually ends up with your motorhome, and you end up with no cash.

The only time you should sell to someone overseas is if they see the motorhome in person and pay you in cash.

Only show people around the motorhome at your home

Sometimes you might get a call from someone that wants to view your motorhome at a “halfway” point between them and you. Under no circumstances should you do that. Instead, insist that they come to your home and view the motorhome there.

You should also ensure a friend or family member is there with you at the time, and that they log the potential buyer’s car registration number for security purposes. This all might seem like overkill, but it’ll pay dividends if things go wrong.

Sell your motorhome using a well-known site

Last, but not least, you should stick with a classifieds site that is popular with buyers and sellers. When you type in “sell my motorhome” into Google, you’ll doubtless see many sites you could use.

Here’s why you should only stick to popular sites:

  1. You’ll find it easier and quicker to sell your motorhome;

  2. Some sites offer options to mask email addresses and phone numbers, so that you don’t have to publish those details to everyone publicly; and

  3. It’s easier to spot when a potential buyer is genuine if they use such sites.

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