Is Roadside Assistance Cover Still A Necessity With Today’s Modern Cars?

There was once a time where cars were unreliable. It made no difference if they were brand new or used cars! It wasn’t unusual to drive around with some tools and spare parts in the trunk of your car. The good news is those days are a thing of the past.

1980s style tow truck

Vehicle technology has come a long way since the early days of motoring. We can all enjoy thousands of miles of trouble-free motoring. But, most of us still take out roadside breakdown insurance cover.

The thing is; we seldom have to use such services. Are they a necessity with today’s modern cars and trucks? In a word, yes. Let me give you a few reasons why:

Your car might not have a flat tyre

It’s likely that one of your tyres will end up having a puncture at some point. Even though today’s tyres are tough, sharp objects like nails can still penetrate them. The only time you’ll know about it is if you come back to a flat tyre, or you have a blowout.

“No problem,” you might think to yourself. All you need to do is fit the spare tyre and you can be on your way again. What happens if your car doesn’t have a spare tyre? To save on cost and cabin space, car makers provide tyre repair kits instead. In a nutshell, they are cans you spray into the tyre valve and it fills the void up with an expanding liquid.

Doing so “pumps” your tyre up so you can drive on it again for a short period. The trouble is; such kits end up getting lost over the years. And if that happens to your car, you’ll need a tow home.

You run out of fuel

For the most part, drivers will make sure they have enough fuel to reach their destinations. But, what happens if they run out of time and don’t fill up? Pretty soon their cars will end up running on fumes!

There are also times where drivers don’t know they’ve run out of fuel. The simple reason is down to a faulty fuel gauge or “sender unit” in the tank. If that happens to you, how likely will it be that you break down near a filling station?

If you’re miles away from anywhere, you’ll need a towing company to come out and rescue you! Roadside assistance cover is useful in such situations. That’s because the provider can get someone out to you soon.

You have a flat battery

It’s no secret that car batteries only last for a few years. It’s also a common fact that not doing regular driving can cause your car’s battery to go flat.

What do you do when you go out to your car one morning and find it just won’t start? Well, you could always try to jump-start it using another car’s battery and some jumper leads. If neither are available to you, what should you do next?

If you had breakdown insurance cover, you could have someone come out and fit a new battery for you. That way, you can be on your way to work in no time. And hopefully, your boss won’t get mad at you for being late!

As you can see, roadside assistance cover is useful for a variety of situations. It makes no difference how new or reliable your car is; chances are you’ll make use of it at some point!

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