Make Your Car the Best Car It Can Be

You turn on the TV and sexy cars are everywhere. The latest Fast and Furious film became the sixth highest-grossing film of all time. The message is clear: a nice ride will never stop being cool.

All of this helps the automobile industry tremendously. People are buying luxury sports vehicles by the truckload to make themselves feel like Paul Walker. But do you need to fork out six or seven figures to feel good about your ride? You may have a great car that just needs some love and attention.

Cars at MediaCityOf course, having a nice ride isn’t everything. An awesome car is a bigger target for thieves. If you’re not a very nice person, your sexy car isn’t going to make people forget that. So as long as you’re not trying to compensate for something, consider these tips!

Clean the outside

You’ll be surprised what a difference a real clean out will make. You may not even know how nice the paint job on your car is. Inadequate washing will make the colour look faded. Give your car a thorough scrubbing, then give it a good polish. A high-quality polish will bring about the vibrancy of your car’s colour. You should also give it a good waxing. Polishing and waxing are not the same thing! Wax will give your car a protective coat, helping rain and dirt slide right off the body for a while!

Clean the inside

Make sure to clean the inside, too! Your car should be even more pleasant to be in than it is to look at. Make sure it’s clear of dust. If you’ve got fast food wrapping under the seats, get rid of those pronto! If you’re not sure about the smell in there, get some fresh air circulating. Open those windows! Try an air freshener for a while.

If the inside of your car keeps getting messy, then maybe you need to improve your in-car organization. Get a cup holder, or somewhere to keep loose change. Keep a small bag in which to throw trash. Make sure the bag itself is thrown away at least every few days!

Modifying your vehicle

Getting some car modification will help you improve your car in many ways. When “car modification” enters the discussion, people sometimes think of ridiculous mods. Hydraulics to make the car bounce like in a hip hop music video. Or silly turbo features that shoot flames from the exhaust. (Those aren’t street-legal, by the way.) But car modification is usually a lot more subtle (and useful).

Are your seats not comfortable enough? Get them replaced with some luxury ones. Is your engine sounding a bit husky? Get it tuned (Or fixed!) Maybe the handling isn’t smooth as you want it to be. You can get the handling modified, too! Modified cars can look just as cool and sexy as the luxury rides you see in the movies. You probably won’t have to spends hundreds of thousands in cash, though!

Improving the sound system

When people think of hot cars, they often think of an amazing sound system. Youngsters often confuse this for “loud”. If you have weak speakers, this will be revealed when you crank up the sound. That ugly rattling and buzzing will give you away.

Make sure your sound system is awesome. And remember, it’s not just about the speakers. The music source is also important. This goes for the file quality, too. Don’t play low-quality, 128kbps mp3s from your iPod. Make sure they’re high-quality. Better yet, use a CD!

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