New Ideas That Will take Hold Of The Auto Industry In 2016

Industries and businesses are constantly evolving. But that is particularly true for the automotive industry. The automotive industry presents the rare connection and overlap between machinery and technology. Currently there are big changes going on behind the scenes in the automotive industry. It’s fascinating to look at the decisions currently being made because they could determine the cars of the future.

Future CarRecycling

The environment has become a huge concern for every business owner. They know that customers have started to pay attention to which companies are polluting more and which are recycling. Who cares about the environment and who doesn’t. Now, it seems as though car manufacturers are finally getting on board with this idea. Jaguar recently announced they intend to make cars out of up to 75 percent recycled aluminum. That’s a massive milestone for the car industry, and you can bet other manufacturers will be eager to follow suit. Particularly, if it means that they have a real shot a fully recycled cars.

New Production Methods

From the different materials used to the methods to create the final product, new production methods are paving the way for a faster more efficient car industry. We’ve always used aluminum to create cars and other vehicles. It’s one of the lightest, inexpensive and durable materials out there. But car developers are still working on improving the situation further. Using cast tools and jig plates, cars can be produced to a higher standard than before. There are plenty of advantages to the cast tool and jig plate like dimensional control. It allows car producers to create more intricate yet sturdy designs on their vehicles.

Computer Technology

As we said, the automotive industry shows what happens when technology is combined with machinery. The perfect example of this is the finished product. In a car you have the engine powering the machine. But you also now have a computer controlling the engine and the controls of the vehicle. This will one day allow better safety features in vehicles. It could include the push towards self-driving vehicles.

Alternate Power

Car developers are still searching for the answer to alternate power in engines. In the past, it was thought that hybrid cars might be the holy grail hail. But now, reports have revealed just how much pollution it takes to make a hybrid car. The answer is far from the promising result many had hoped for and perhaps expected. Instead, it seems when you add it up, hybrid cars are causing just as much pollution as petrol engines. That’s an issue, but not one without a solution. Hydrogen cars might be the future of the modern vehicle. They are being tested right now and release zero emissions into the atmosphere. This could be the answer producers have been looking for.


There’s increasing levels of automation in the auto industry. These days cars aren’t designed, made or shaped by human hands. Rather robotics take full control in this story. If you enter a car factory, you’ll be amazed by just how much of the work is completed my machine.

We hope we have given you a slight glimpse at what the future could hold for car manufacturers and the consumer.

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