Renault Kwid: A Quirky Concept Car That’s Actually Pretty Awesome!

Renault is a French car and commercial vehicle manufacturer that is no stranger to coming up with strange and quirky creations, either in concept format or on the production lines ready to make their debut at a Renault dealer’s showroom near you!

The latest creation from the design team at Renault comes in the form of the Kwid.

Renault Kwid Concept Car

The Renault Kwid is a concept car that has been designed as a car for the future, showcased today to see what people might think of having such futuristic styling and technologies in the cars that their children and grandchildren might go out and purchase.

What is the Renault Kwid?

Unveiled at the 2014 New Delhi Auto Expo, the Renault Kwid is the first concept car that has been first shown to the motoring press outside of Europe.

Now, you might be thinking that the Kwid is just another weird creation created by Renault, and in some respects it is, but car manufacturers often create ‘out of the box’ concepts to gauge people’s reactions before they invest a lot of time and money into exhaustive research and development of new models.

This particular model was designed with the young motorist in mind, and with its chunky wings and short overhangs it gives the impression that it is a buggy car of sorts.

India is one of many growing markets for Renault, and they are keen to take advantage of this market by developing cars for a wide range of target audiences. The French car manufacturer state that, although this car gives the impression that it is a 4×4, it will in reality be a two-wheel drive vehicle!

Car of the future for emerging markets?

Apparently the Kwid is based on the ‘Explore’ part of Renault’s petal design strategy (don’t you just love the marketing terms and concepts car manufacturers use), and was designed to be a robust car of the future.

I’m told by Mark from that the interior (or “cocoon” as Renault call it) of the Kwid was based on the design of a bird’s nest. The seats are actually suspended over a solid base, which gives the driver and any passengers the impression that the interior is ‘light’.

It would also feature rear air conditioning for passengers sitting at the back of the car, and controls for the system would be incorporated on the back of the driver’s seat, with ventilation provided through perforations at the back of the car.

The Renault Kwid’s flying companion

Here is an awesome feature of the Renault Kwid! Basically, the car has a drone that lives in the back of the roof. The car’s flying companion can be controlled manually through a tablet by the dashboard, or it can be controlled autonomously by the car.

Its main job would be to scout around and find out where any traffic jams in the vicinity are located, but it can also be used to take landscape photographs too. If cars of the future looked like these and you were a spy, this would be the perfect car for you!

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