Revealed: The Surprising Benefits Of Buying A Scooter Instead Of A Car

The car was one of the best inventions ever. It’s seen as the best mode of transport for people in modern times. However, is this still the case? In today’s article, I’ll be talking about a different automobile; the scooter. More specifically, I’ll look at some surprising benefits of buying a scooter instead of a car.


Easier To Drive In Small Cities

If you live in a busy city, then driving can be a real pain. Trying to navigate the tight roads, packed with traffic, is horrific. But, if you have a scooter, then this isn’t as big of an issue. You can easily make your way through traffic and get from A to B much quicker. It’s a convenient choice of transport for people living the city life.


Scooters are far more fuel efficient than cars. There’s no way to argue against it; a scooter can get you more miles per gallon than a regular car. This is largely down to the fact that they’re a lot lighter. This lack of weight means the engine doesn’t have to work too hard to push it up to its top speed. Compare that to some big cars out there, and they end up using up lots of fuel on short journeys. If you want to be a more efficient person on the roads, then maybe a scooter is right for you?


Another benefit of buying a scooter instead of a car is that it’s easier on your bank balance. I used to wonder how much do scooters cost? So, I did a bit of research and found that the answer is; not that much at all. Compared to a new car, a new scooter can be extremely cheap. Not to mention the wealth of scooters out there on the used market too. Naturally, there are cases where someone’s car might be cheaper than someone’s scooter. For example, if I buy a top of the range brand new scooter, it may cost more than a five or ten-year-old car. However, if you compare a scooter and car that are the same age, the scooter comes out on top. Plus, maintenance costs are cheaper too. I’ve already mentioned scooters are more fuel-efficient, and this saves on fuel costs. Not to forget tax and insurance are also far cheaper.


Scooters are also easier for you to store at home. With a car, you need to have a fairly big garage to keep it safe. This means that your garage is restricted and can only be used to house your car. But, with a scooter, you leave loads of room when you store it. There’s room for you to keep multiple scooters or even more items. It’s handy and convenient!

The fact is, for some people, a scooter is a better option than a car. If you live in a busy city, and rarely venture out of it, then a scooter is right for you. In fact, some people might find it handy to buy a car and a scooter. Use one for long journeys with the family, and the other for quick solo trips.

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