Should You Consider A 4×4 For Your Next Car?

These days, cars are a necessity rather than a luxury. Used cars are affordable for those even with the tightest of budgets. And new cars can often be affordable to people with modest incomes.

Range Rover

Many parts of the world have a good public transport system provision. But cars will always offer a convenient and comfortable form of getting from A to B. Are you in the market for a new or used car? If so, have you thought about buying a 4×4?

Chances are you might not have thought of buying such a car. After all, you have only ever had “standard” cars, right? But did you know that 4x4s offer many advantages over your previous cars, and are just as affordable to maintain?

Here are some reasons why making your next car buy a 4×4 could be a good idea:


Some people just use their cars to get from one point to another, and only transport themselves. But for the most part, we will often take passengers and cargo with us on car journeys.

It’s not so easy to do that if you are driving around in a small city car. No-one wants to feel like a sardine squashed inside a metal tin! You could buy a bigger standard car, but 4×4 vehicles such as Land Rovers offer the best mix of size and practicality.

Estate cars are cumbersome to park in small spaces, and saloon cars don’t offer as much space. 4×4 cars are easier to park than estate cars, and they are tall. That means you can seat passengers in comfort, and there is plenty of space for cargo.


Some people have the view that 4×4 cars are slow, underpowered and drink a lot of fuel. That might have been the case with 4x4s from the 1970s, but not in 2014!

Today’s 4×4 vehicles offer an excellent blend of high performance and fuel economy, even in petrol guise. Click here for more details to prove what I am talking about!

Car manufacturers are taking advantage of forced air technology. Turbochargers are often used to improve engine efficiency. BMW’s Twin Scroll turbocharged engines, and Land Rover’s TDi engines use efficient turbo technology.


Have you ever seen the interior of an old Land Rover Defender? If so, you will doubtless remember how utilitarian it looks! Today’s 4×4 interiors are like luxury cars rather than basic designs that offer little in the way of technology!

And speaking of technology, today’s 4x4s offer technology that will give standard cars a run for their money.

Most will feature built-in satellite navigation, Bluetooth DAB digital radio systems and LCD displays. Higher-end models might also include digital television displays, surround sound and even Internet access!

Driver aids

4×4 technology isn’t just limited to in-car entertainment. There are many driver aids that come as standard in most 4x4s. Examples include reverse parking cameras, parallel parking systems and even traffic updates.

If you are a gadget geek, a 4×4 should be your next car buy!

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