So, What’s It Really Like To Own A Supercar?

Let’s face it; many of us dream of the day when we can go and buy a supercar. The looks, speed and style that supercars bring are too much to resist for any car enthusiast! You might think that owning a supercar isn’t too different to having a “standard” car. Apart from the purchase price, of course.


But, many people new to supercar ownership never imagined what it would be like to drive one each day. Ask any owner and they’ll tell you the experience is quite different to owning a Ford Focus, for example!

You have to convince the dealer to sell you a supercar

Usually, when you walk into a car dealership, the salespeople will do all they can to sell you a car. It’s common knowledge that they’ll use various sales tactics to make you go home in a new car. It might shock you to learn that isn’t the case when you want to buy a supercar!

Take Ferrari, for example. They don’t want any random person buying their cars. They’ll interview you and ask to see proof of supercars you’ve owned in the past. There’s no denying that such car marques are prestigious and exclusive. Just having a briefcase full of cash isn’t enough to buy a supercar, it would seem.

You’ll be the centre of attention wherever you go

Perhaps one thing to note about supercars is you’ll never blend into the background. Especially if the only “premium” marques in your neighbourhood are BMW 3 Series diesels!

Although I’ve never owned a supercar, I have hired a few from Prestige Keys in the past. To the unsuspecting public, I was the owner of the <whatever vehicle I was driving at the time>. Here are some of the things that happened to me during my travels:

  • Buying petrol is no longer a quick transaction. Other customers and even the kiosk staff would ask me questions about the car I was driving;
  • People stop and stare. When you pull up to the lights in a Lamborghini, you will get lots of folks gawking at your car. They’d almost always peer into the front windows to see if a celebrity was driving;
  • Youngsters always want to race you. Is that a twin-turbo V8 you’ve got in your Peugeot 308? No? Why do you think you’ll “beat” my Audi R8 in a race? That sort of thing happens ALL the time, even if you do nothing apart from driving at 30 mph;
  • You’ll find lots of photos of you and your car on the Internet. For some reason, social media users take photos of supercars as if they’ll never see them again. Newsflash: they are more common on the road than you think!

Your servicing costs will be astronomical

It doesn’t matter if you own a standard Porsche 911 GT3. Even if you own the Lotus-derived Hennessey Venom GT, don’t expect cheap servicing costs! In fact, you should become worried if your maintenance bills are only three-figure sums.

A set of front brakes on your Ferrari might cost you more than the mortgage payment on a three bedroomed house.

So, if you ever wondered what it would be like to own a supercar, now you know!

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