Tesla Model S Gets New Face And New Features

Tesla Motors announced first major facelift for the popular Model S electric sedan since its launch in June of 2012. The 2017 Tesla Model S now boasts a new front fascia and headlights similar to the Model X and the new Model 3, upgrades in its charging system, and new interior décor choices.

Tesla Model S

Most of the changes are upfront and will likely be immediately recognized. The Model S now has a sleeker front end with a new headlights, bumper — and grille becomes barely a horizontal slit. The new look underscores that as an electric vehicle, the Tesla doesn’t need a grille for engine cooling like a conventional car anyway.

The 2017 Model S also gets some important changes under its skin. For instance, the onboard charger will be 48 amps (up 8 amps), which should allow for somewhat faster charging.

A choice of two new wood options for the interior’s woody bits are now available as well. Tesla’s calling these options “Figured Ash Wood Decor and Dark Ash Wood Decor.”

Tesla also confirmed that the Model S will be getting the Model X’s ‘Bioweapon Defense Mode’ HEPA air filtration system. Tesla says it is 100 times more effective than the filters on other cars and will remove 99.97% of particulate exhaust pollution and filters out allergens and bacteria as well. The filter is so good, Tesla says only half-jokingly, that it can withstand a bioweapon attack.

Tesla has already updated its website to reflect the new options and says the changes have gone into production today at its factory in Fremont, California.

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