The Simple Car Checks You Should Be Doing Every Two Weeks

You might not know this, but the experts recommend checking your car thoroughly every two weeks. That means getting under the bonnet, and taking a good long look at the engine. It means getting down and inspecting the tyres for damage. These are all simple and essential checks that keep your car in good shape. They’re each designed to keep your car functioning at its optimum level. With these checks, the engine will last longer, and you’ll avoid costly repairs at the garage. Not only that, but it will also keep the car safe. How often are you currently doing these essential checks?

Oil level and quality

Oil is the essential lubricant in your engine. It makes sure the mechanical parts all flow smoothly over each other. If the oil dries up, those metal parts will begin to grind over each other. As you can expect, this causes costly damage to the engine components. It also means the engine has to work harder to compensate the extra friction. It will drink more fuel, and push itself harder. You can check the oil level by using the dipstick next to the engine. It should balance between the two markers. The oil itself should be a healthy brown colour. If it’s black, it needs replacing.

car maintenance checkCoolant level

The coolant is the next important fluid on the list. The coolant is what stops the engine from overheating. It’s pumped through the radiator, and around each of the most important components as they heat up. The coolant is a mix of water and ice-resistant chemicals. That makes sure your coolant stays fluid, even in the freezing winters. The coolant tank is usually transparent, so you can see the current level at all times.

Battery charge

The single most common reason for roadside breakdown is battery failure. The average car battery will last only two-three years, so it will catch you out eventually. You can avoid an embarrassing and time consuming breakdown by checking the charge. Using a voltmeter, you can measure how much juice is left in the current battery. This particular car maintenance check is especially important over the winter. At this time of year, we push our batteries hard with lights and heating.


Most of us give our cars a good wash every now and then. But, how much attention do you pay to the paintwork detail? It’s worth taking a look every two weeks, as damage can quickly build up. Small chips and scrapes will eventually turn into something much worse. The metalwork will ultimately oxidize and rust. That’s why the experts suggest using a car scratch repair paint. It’s a small tube that matches your car’s colour. It will cover up scrapes, and protect it from rust.

Tyre pressure and tread depth

Last of all, check your tyres for signs of damage and wear. You’ll find the advised pressure in your car’s handbook; try to stick to it at all times. As for the tread depth, make sure you’re above the legal 1.6mm mark.

How often are you doing these simple car checks?

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