Tips On Caring For The Exterior Of Your Car

Ask someone to name the most important parts of a car, and you’ll hear all the usual suspects – transmission, exhaust, air filter. What you’ll rarely hear anyone say is the exterior – windscreens, side mirrors, windows, light covers.


Just think about how vital these materials are to the safety of your driving. You probably wouldn’t be able to go out on the roads if one of your mirrors was bust. And yet, many people seem to neglect the exterior of their vehicles – and that should change. It’s not like it’s expensive either! A couple of cleaning products will get the job done.

Light covers

If the glass covering your lights is too dirty or even broken, it makes that light harder to see clearly. This can result in drivers behind you being unable to anticipate your movement, and can lead to several problems.

That being said, you shouldn’t just attack your light covers with some soap and water. You want to leave them gleaming, so they stay clean as long as possible. Certain soaps can leave scuffed, greasy marks on your light covers which are even harder to get off and don’t help the problem.

There’s a home method you can use that involves toothpaste. This works wonders, and leaves your lights shining in minutes. Another method involves sanding the light down before applying polish – either way will work well. Experiment and see what gives the best results.


Your car is made up of a lot of glass, but you probably don’t even notice. Indeed, the importance of vehicle windscreen replacement cannot be understated. After all, it’s the only way you can clearly see the road ahead.

In terms of cleaning your glass, glass cleaner is your best bet – obviously. Be very careful when cleaning your side mirrors, though; if you leave any marks on them it makes it a lot harder to drive safely. Try and find a glass cleaner that doesn’t contain ammonia – it doesn’t smell very good, and can damage certain materials.

I’d also recommend you use a microfiber cloth, which can more capably remove any streaks that may be left behind by the cleaning process. Just using a tissue will only dry the streak up, not remove it.

Washing and cleaning

You might consider visiting a machine car wash to make the process a lot easier – but don’t. Machine car washes can scratch the life out of your car, damaging everything from the windows to the tire covers.

Your best bet is to wash your car by hand, which allows you to go much more gently on the exterior. Use a simple sponge and a bucket of soap and hot water to glide over every surface. In terms or removing marks like bird poo, invest in some paint cleaner to swiftly get rid of any unsightly scuffs. This will clear the area and leave your paint looking new and shiny.

Sure, you need to take care of your car’s vital systems – braking, steering, exhaust, air filters. But don’t neglect the cosmetic elements. They can play just as large a role in the safety of your car on the roads as anything.

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