Two Race-inspired Colors Join The SRT Viper Palette In 2014

Two race-inspired colors join the SRT® Viper palette in 2014 – Sep 14, 2013– Berlin, USA (AutoReleased) –  Many similarities are shared between the SRT Viper GTS-R racecar and its production sibling. Adding items to this long list for 2014 model year involve the addition of Billet Silver and GTS-R Blue to the palette for the production vehicle. Both colors currently grace the No. 91 Viper GTS-R on the American Le Mans Series (ALMS) circuit.



The pair of SRT Viper GTS-Rs that campaign on the ALMS circuit carry a base color of silver. The No. 91 sports a blue roof, while the No. 93 features a yellow roof. Yellow was part of the 2013 color palette offered for the production Viper and it was a natural progression to offer hues of silver and blue, which adorn the No. 91.

“With the Viper program for 2014 we wanted to continue offering new paint colors, as we will always be doing with the Viper, because that’s an element of the car,” said Jim Parker, Head of Exterior Color and Trim Studio Chrysler Product Design Office “One of the things we thought about early on as the racecar program was being developed was to include paint colors that resonate with the racecar. Now that the car is formally competing in ALMS, the ’14 Model Year brings us an opportunity to take the paint colors that were designed for the race car and now a customer can get a Viper in those specific colors.”

Billet Silver is a new metallic color. Silver has been offered in the past on the production Viper, but never in this shade. The GTS-R blue is an evolution of the dark blue that was introduced in 2013 as Shadow Blue. The GTS-R Blue that will be offered on the production Viper is the exact same shade found on the racecar.

“These are new pigmentations that make the colors more special in their appearance,” said Parker. “We take advantage of new and improved pigments in paint to enhance them. The colors look great on the racetrack and will look amazing on the street as well.”

During the initial design phase of the SRT Viper GTS-R racecars, the seed was planted to one day offer the colors on the race car to customers. That day has arrived with Model Year 2014.

“This is truly race-inspired,” shared Parker. “If someone wants to make their car look like the racecar, they can do that by getting a silver one and going from there. It offers a great chance for personalization and customization, which is something we’ve always done with the Viper.”


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