What Are The Most Commonly Damaged Auto Parts?

There are countless automotive collisions that happen every single day. Obviously, there are some car parts that are more often requiring fixes than others. It is important to focus on that because of pure financial reasons but according to a car accident lawyer Boise specialist, this can also help you to avoid personal injuries because you would make sure these parts are sturdier. The car parts that are the most commonly damaged during accidents are the following.

Front Bumpers

Front Bumpers – 28% Of Cases

This part is normally the very first one that is going to hit another car in a forward collision. Although the front bumper was designed to resist the low speed impacts, a collision that happens at a normal speed will cause quite significant damage to a very important safety feature.

Headlights – 21% Of Cases

Front-end impacts are quite common so it should be no surprise to see that headlights are going to be damaged in so many cases. Although the speed can be quite low, the shatter of the glass or plastic of the headlights often appears.

Fenders – 21% Of Cases

The brunt of a side-end collision is normally taken by fenders. Minor damage so often happens as you try to move through a tight space or you simply brush up against the door friends of the garage. Even a fire hydrant can scrape fenders.

Grille – 20% Of Cases

Front grille is located right under headlights in terms of crash vulnerability for the front-end collisions. The only real reason why the grilles are not as often damaged as other car parts is that drivers that see impending collisions will try to avoid them.

Wheels – 15% Of Cases

Car wheels do not just appear in the side-impact collision. It is also possible to have damage as you run over road debris and potholes.

Car Hoods – 10% Of Cases

The crumpling you see in your car hood is an engineering response to the front-end high speed car crashes. An automaker will design the hood in a way that would absorb energy when the impact happens instead of offering strict impact resistance. Hoods that would be damaged stand out as much better than with another car part.

Taillights – 9% Of Cases

Just like with the headlights, car taillights are very vulnerable to an attack from both the side and the front. When cars are struck from the back, it is a certainty that taillights will be impacted.

Investing In Car Security

The car parts mentioned are almost always going to be damaged during car collisions so it is really important to be sure they are as sturdy as possible. Do be sure that they are strong so that you would have even more protection. At the same time, the car should include modern safety technology. There are so many options that are available at the moment so be sure that modern technology is included. Do be sure you are patient and you carefully choose everything related to car safety.

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