Why You Should Be Using An Indoor Car Cover

Finding an indoor place to store your car is a good investment, even if you have to rent the space.  If you are storing your car indoors, you are already doing your part to protect it from rain and snow.  The best possible place to store a classic car is in a climate-controlled garage or storage unit with live surveillance.  Even if your classic car has its own luxury accommodations and its own personal bodyguards, it is still best to keep the car covered.  Indoor car covers offer your classic car extra protection.  If you drive the car very infrequently, you could even use a car storage bag.  Here is why you should always cover a classic car when you are storing it indoors:


Indoor Car Cover

Protect Your Car’s Exterior for Dust

Rain, snow, and UV rays are the main hazards to cars that spend most of their time parked outdoors.  If you store your car indoors in a garage, you do not have to worry about those things.  Even when the car is in an indoor garage, though, there is still some dust and pollen in the air.  These particles can get stuck in the car’s wax and give it a dull appearance.  You will have to spend less time waxing and shining your car if you keep it covered.

Keep Your Car Safe from Scratches

If your car is in a garage with other cars, there is a chance that someone will scratch it accidentally or on purpose.  Even if the garage has surveillance cameras or security guards on patrol, they can’t watch every car at every minute.  Using a car cover will prevent your car from getting scratches.

You are already keeping your car safe by storing it indoors.  Keep it even safer with a car cover.

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