Your Guide to Automotive Service and Repair

Cars and trucks require many different types of repairs and regular maintenance to continue operating in prime condition. All are important and should be done as close as possible to the owner’s manual schedule. In reality, it might be difficult to keep up with everything as needed. One item on the list, transmission repair Carrollton TX is something that should get immediate attention.

Your Guide to Automotive Service and Repair

Other life obligations can get in the way of the best plans where you find it hard to keep track of scheduled maintenance of your vehicle. Yet, the last thing you want is to worry about your vehicle running efficiently when you need it most. Finding time for regular servicing of your transmission might not be easy, but it is necessary.

What is Transmission Service?

A transmission that malfunctions or underperforms compromises the performance of your vehicle. Therefore, transmission service is essential to ensuring you have reliable transportation. During this service, your trusted mechanic performs different tasks including a fluid flush and replacing the filter and pan gasket if necessary. The frequency in which you should have this service performed depends on the make and model of your vehicle.

Some cars require service a check every 30,000 miles; others are good until the 100,000 mile mark. Your owner’s manual will list the mileage point when your vehicle should be serviced.

Flush Transmission Fluid

Another important aspect of servicing your transmission is so the fluid can be drained and replaced. While fluid is crucial to having a properly functioning transmission, the fluid breaks down and collects contaminants as it ages. This makes it difficult for the fluid to continue to lubricate parts of the transmission as well as aid in shifting gears. Therefore, flushing the fluid should be part of the service.

Prevent Leaks

Leaking fluid is just as problematic as dirty fluid, if not more. Making sure that the pan gasket is replaced as needed will help you avoid leaks that will have your vehicle driving around town with low levels of transmission fluid. This will ultimately lead to major problems requiring expensive repairs.

There are times when a repair such as rebuilding the transmission is necessary. Routine transmission service can help delay this from occurring. Complex repairs mean you will either be immobile for a while or need to get a rental. Before this becomes a reality, have your mechanic perform as much regular maintenance as possible. By getting ahead of issues, you can spend a few hundred dollars in maintenance versus thousands of dollars on repairs.

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