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2019 Lexus LX Inspiration Series Is Relatively Uninspiring

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We’re a whole month away from the Los Angeles Auto Show, but Lexus is already showing us a special edition LX it plans to debut at the show. Called the LX Inspiration Series, it’s an appearance package for the already opulent Lexus SUV.

2019 Lexus LX

It starts with black paint and black wheels, then adds black trim to the headlights, fog lights and windows. Its grille gets a new dark chrome surround — as though it needed to be any flashier. The headlamp lenses are smoked black as well. Around back there’s more black chrome accents around the taillights, license plate surround and back door.

Then for what we can only assume is for balance, Lexus gave it a white leather interior. The white leather is complemented by plenty of black leather to create a two-tone appearance. It looks expensive and classy and all of the things that a $100,000 Lexus should be – this special edition climbs over the century mark at $101,715 including destination charges. You do get a fully-optioned version of the LX with the four-zone climate control, heated/cooled rear seats and projector door lamps, but this version is still significantly more expensive than the base Lexus LX which comes in under $90,000.

The Toyota Land Cruiser-based LX is ancient at this point, and frankly this doesn’t do much to move the needle. No other updates appear to be in the works for now, so you better really like this traditional SUV to go grab one up. Only 500 of these “Inspiration Series” special edition models are planned if the blacked-out exterior strikes your fancy.

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