3 Considerations When Buying an Imported Vehicle

Purchasing an imported vehicle can be a good way to save money or obtain a model that is not available domestically. However, there are some issues you should keep in mind when considering buying an imported vehicle.

1. Consider Your Repair Options

It can be difficult to find parts or shops with experience repairing some types of imported vehicles. Before you make a purchase, it is a good idea to check around to see how difficult and expensive it will be to obtain parts should your vehicle break down or be involved in a wreck and whether there is an import auto repair Issaquah WA, shop with the skills needed to properly repair your vehicle. 

2. Ask for Documentation

Just like when you purchase a vehicle from a domestic seller, it is important to get some documentation about any vehicle you intend to import. Ask for a complete vehicle history report. The report should include title information, accident and repair history, recalls, odometer rollbacks and other information about the vehicle’s history. Look for websites, such as Japan Car History Check, that deal specifically with the type of vehicle you are importing. 

3. Get a Vehicle Inspection Done

If you are importing a vehicle from overseas, chances are, you will not get a chance to physically inspect the vehicle yourself. The seller should be willing to provide detailed photographs and maintenance records, but it is a good idea to contact a reputable local independent mechanic and ask for a complete inspection report. Make sure the seller addresses any issues the report turns up before you commit to a purchase.

The process of buying an imported vehicle is similar to that of a domestic vehicle, but there are some special considerations. Keeping these three things in mind when shopping for your vehicle can help you avoid common issues. 

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