3 Danger Signs To Check Before You Buy a Used Car

Buying a car is a huge investment, and sometimes looking at a used car can save a good deal of money. There are some unscrupulous sellers out there, though, so beware. Here are three danger signs to check before you buy a used car.

Buy a Used Car

Moldy Smell

There have been a lot of floods across the United States, and that means there are a huge number of cars that were caught in those floods. If you smell a damp, moldy odor in the trunk of the car or when you look under the hood, the car could have been submerged in water. Check all the electronic equipment and if anything seems amiss, contact a car repair shop Lake Stevens WA, and have them give the vehicle a once over.

Shiny Headlights

After a year or two on the road, most car headlights begin to collect a yellowish patina or tint that makes them appear hazy. If the used car you are considering has brand new shiny headlights, it is probably a sign that something happened, and the vehicle was in an accident. You should have the front end examined by a body shop to find out if the vehicle is clear to drive.

Suspicious Sounds

When a car begins to make unfamiliar noises as you turn it on, crank the wheel, or drive it out of the driveway, you can bet something isn’t right. Possible sounds include knocking, grinding, tapping, clicking, or snapping. If you hear suspicious noises, there could be a danger of a past auto accident, flood damage, or breakdown. A body shop should be your next stop.

If you have any questions about the condition of the vehicle, it is always a good option to get a professional opinion. Visit a body shop if you suspect the seller isn’t revealing everything he or she knows about the auto.

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