3 Helpful Coverages to Include in Your Auto Insurance

Paying for auto insurance is just part of life, but as long as you’re spending money on it, you might as well make the most of your coverage. If you are able to customize your plan, here are three helpful coverages to include in your auto insurance. 

1. Roadside Assistance Coverage 

One of the biggest hassles to deal with in auto situations is a car breaking down or needing to be towed for any other reason. It can be hard to know what towing company to call, and you aren’t guaranteed to get ahold of them quickly in the first place. That’s why you should include roadside assistance coverage with your auto insurance Fort Myers. It keeps things nice and easy for you as the insurance company typically finds and schedules the towing company to pick up your car. 

2. Glass/Windshield Coverage 

Another good coverage to have is glass and windshield coverage. Windshield repair can get costly (as can any glass repair in a vehicle), and you want to be prepared for unexpected issues. You can never know if, while you’re driving on the highway, a piece of debris could fall off of the back of a truck in front of you and crack your windshield. Likewise, there’s always a chance that a stray baseball or another item could find its way to your vehicle in a neighborhood or parking lot. 

3. Include Rental Coverage 

Finally, in the event that your vehicle is out of commission for days or even weeks, you’ll thank yourself later for getting rental coverage with your insurance plan. This will allow you a certain number of days to rent a vehicle to get to work and anywhere else you need to go. This saves you the hassle of trying to figure out carpooling for yourself and perhaps for the rest of your family as well. 

You might be surprised at how little these added coverages affect your total auto insurance premium. Being sure to include them in your plan can save you time, headaches and money later on. 

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