3 Tell-Tale Signs of Brake Problems

Your brakes are arguably the most important part of your vehicle. Taking good care of them is vital to staying safe on the road. To keep your brake system in tip-top shape, you must be able to identify when there’s a problem. There are many tell-tale signs that it’s time to make a trip to your mechanic.


A new noise is one of the earliest signs that you should look into brake repair Bloomington IL. Brake pads are built with steel wear indicators. When your pad wears down, the steel indicator will start to rub on your rotors and make a high-pitched noise. That noise temporarily will stop when you press your brake pedal. If you don’t address the high-pitch noise, it will progress to a grinding sound and rotor damage.


There are a few different sensations you’ll feel as your brake components age. Overly worn rotors, calipers, and pistons can cause your steering wheel to vibrate when you press your brakes. You may also feel a difference in the pedal itself. If your pedal has less resistance or sinks to the floor when pressed, you should get to a mechanic immediately. A third feeling you might experience is your car being pulled to the side when you slow down.


It’s probably no surprise that an unusual odor coming from your brakes is bad news. As your brakes overheat, they release a chemical odor. Overheating most commonly occurs from heavy breaking down sharp inclines. You should stop immediately because if your brake fluid boils, your brakes can completely fail. A smokey smell can occur as well if your calipers become stuck.

Maintaining your brakes is serious business. New noises, feelings, and odors can alert you to a problem early. If you suspect an issue, delaying repair can be a dangerous and costly mistake.

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