3D LCD With 2D Switchable Capability Of 12.2-inch Display Developed By Japan Display

Japan Display Announces Development of a 12.2-inch 3D LCD with 2D Switchable Capability – May 19, 2013– Tokyo, Japan  (AutoReleased) – Japan Display Inc. has developed a 12.2-inch (30cm) diagonal high resolution 2D/3D switchable liquid crystal display (LCD).

2D/3D switchable LCDs

2D/3D switchable LCDs


3D LCD With 2D Switchable Capability Details

Our newly-developed 2D/3D switchable LCD uses a variable parallax barrier to display the 3D images and to change the viewing direction of the 3D images. We have achieved a suitable 3D viewing area by synchronizing this variable parallax barrier with a head-tracking system.

Recently, customer requirements for 2D/3D switchable LCDs for automotive use have been increasing. By using this technology, we have developed a display suitable for automotive use, which can be used in a system to track the driver’s head position and produce the appropriate 3D images for the driver. This display is a high resolution, 2D/3D switchable LCD. In 2D-mode, it has a resolution of 720 HD 1920(H) X 720(V) pixels, and in 3D-mode, a resolution of 960(H) X 720(V) pixels.

We will exhibit this display in Japan Display Inc. booth #520 on May 21 to 23, 2013, during The Society for Information Display (SID) Display Week 2013 international symposium, seminar & exhibition.

3D LCD With 2D Switchable Capability Outline

Screen size 30cm diagonal: 12.2-inch
Number of pixels 2D-mode: 1920H× 720Vpixels3D-mode: 960H× 720Vpixels
Luminance 2D-mode: 1300cd/m23D-mode:   500cd/m2
Contrast ratio 1300:1
3D-mode viewing area 54 degrees
3D-mode viewing distance 880mm
Crosstalk of 3D-mode 3.8%Min

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