4 Car Faults that Drivers Don’t Get Fixed Quickly Enough

Lots of us are guilty of sometimes ignoring problems with our car. We seem to think that if you ignore something, it will eventually go away. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. Here are 4 faults you should get fixed quickly!

1. Low Engine Fluids

There are all kinds of fluid your engine needs to stay in top condition. And too many people don’t think about this and ignore them. If there’s one fluid that everyone knows about it’s engine oil. Most modern cars need their oil levels checked at least once a month (more often if you drive an older car), and if the levels are low, top them up quickly!

There are other fluids that you might not be so aware of though. The first is coolant. As the name suggests, coolant keeps the engine cool when it’s running and stops it from overheating. Your coolant can be found by removing the radiator cap. Then there’s brake fluid and transmission fluid, these only need to be topped up every couple of years or so, but you should still check them regularly.

2. Flat Tyres

I’m sure you’d notice if your tyre burst, it’d be pretty hard not to notice this kind of impact. But flat tyres don’t necessarily mean burst tyres. Your tyres can be near flat without driving over anything sharp or sustaining any punctures or tears. You need to be wary of this.

The key to avoiding this kind of issue is checking the pressure of your tyres regularly. Not many drivers remember to do this, but it’s vital. I’d recommend checking the pressure at least once a month. If you drive on tyres with low pressure, you’re at a greater risk of being involved in an accident, so remember to check the pressure.


3. Crack in the Windshield

If you get a large crack in your window, you probably take your car to an auto repair garage instantly. But what if it’s just a tiny crack? Some of them can be barely noticeable, so do they need professional attention too? The simple answer is yes! But not enough people know that.

They think that if it’s really small it won’t need to be looked at by a professional. But these tiny cracks won’t just stay as they are, after a while, they’ll get bigger and turn into a large crack. Then, the window will have to be replaced. Whereas, if you repair the crack while it’s small, it can be fixed easily.

4. Worn Down Brake Pads

One unavoidable fact of driving is that brake pads wear down over time. This means they need to be replaced over time. But a lot of drivers overlook their brakes when thinking about how to maintain their car. There are lots of ways in which you can tell if your brakes pads are due a replacement.

If, when you brake, you hear a clicking noise, that’s a telltale sign that your brake pads are worn down. It might also cause a rattling sound, a screeching sound or a grinding sound. If you’re experiencing any of those problems, take a look at your brakes, as that is the likely source of your problem.

So, if you notice any of these problems on your car, do something about it!

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