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4 Latest Features You Need in Your Next Car

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Like the majority of our life’s aspects, technological advancements play a significant part in the evolution of today’s vehicles. One of the benefits of purchasing a new car is that it provides features that guarantee a more convenient and safer driving experience. Below is a list of must-have features to watch out for on your next vehicle.

1.      Automated Emergency Braking and Forward-Collision Warning

Safety is essential as it helps you drive without any worries. Most modern cars, like the new Chevy Equinox, have anti-lock braking, some stability, and a traction control system. Still, when new technology comes along, most automakers tend to charge extra fees for it. The forward collision warning uses haptic signals and audible visuals to notify the driver of any imminent crash with the car ahead. If the driver doesn’t recognize the warning, the automated emergency braking punches the brakes to avert the collision and minimize the severity of the impact.

2.      Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

These features enable you to connect with apps on your phone to minimize the possibility of staring at your smartphone while driving. Most automakers today manufacture their cars compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. These features enable drivers to access various apps that are supported through their car’s infotainment center.

3.      Surround View Camera

Parking is often tricky and presents the danger of bumping into parked cars, grazing poles, or curbing wheels. This is often true of most modern cars with poor outward visibility and sleek couple-like rooflines. The surround-view camera system extends a bird’s eye viewing angle onto your vehicle’s infotainment system to minimize anxiety. From this angle, drivers can confidently maneuver their cars in tight spaces.

4.      Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication

Vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) and vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) enable vehicles to communicate with the surrounding infrastructure, including traffic lights and other cars on the road. Modern cars are becoming more autonomous, necessitating the need for communication with other vehicles on the road for safe operations. V2V and V2I enable vehicles to share crucial information to assist human drivers in knowing information about climate conditions, traffic, and other essential information regarding the road ahead.

Picking your next vehicle is usually a personal choice. Once you’ve identified the blueprint regarding the model and make that suits your budget, daily driving needs, and style, you should proceed with the search for your used or new car. How you equip your new car affects your overall enjoyment and the resale value.

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