4 Reasons Why Your Next Car Should Be A Citroen

When buying a new car, the choice of manufacturer is one of the most important decisions that any driver can face. The vehicle is one of the most expensive purchases you’ll ever make, and it’s not a choice you can afford to get wrong.


No driver wants to be stuck with a car they don’t enjoy driving. Similarly, nobody wants to sell their car just a few weeks down the line for a major loss. Choosing a car you’ll love is vital. In many cases, French brand Citroen is the way to go.

Here are four reasons why:


The first thing that any driver will look at is price. We’ve all got a dream supercar, but money will prevent most of us from splashing out a six-figure fee on four wheels.

Citroen cars are very reasonably priced. The fact they are cheaper than competitors opens up your options to ensure you find a vehicle suited to your needs. Moreover, a lower cost naturally means it will depreciate less.

Value for money is a key factor in any major financial decision. You won’t go far wrong with a Citroen.


It doesn’t matter how cheap the car is if it performs badly. Reliability is a cornerstone for any motoring purchase. You don’t get much better than Europe’s oldest mass-production manufacturer.

French cars haven’t always had the best reputation. But Citroen makes a number of very reliable models. The C1 was voted Britain’s most dependable car in 2014, which underlines the quality involved. Meanwhile, the DS 5 was named best production car at the Geneva show in 2015.

No driver wants to see their car locked up in the garage for repairs. Besides, the extra peace of mind makes the choice very easy to make.

Extensive Range

Each driver is unique. We all have different driving preferences, and we certainly have varying personal circumstances. Before buying any car, you should think long and hard about what it is you need your car to do.

It’s not just a simple case of driving from A to B. Are you using the car to take the kids to school and sporting activities? Or are you using it for work commitments? Whatever your motoring needs are, the large range of Citroen models will have you covered.

There are new Citroen cars suited to all types of drivers. Visiting loads of different showrooms to find the right car can leave you frustrated and confused. Instead, you could simply talk to an advisor to find the perfect Citroen for you.

Ease Of Repair

It’s not a nice fact to face, but your car will need upgrading at some stage. Citroen is one of the easiest manufacturers to source replacement parts for. This is another huge factor to consider when buying your next car.

Of course, you’ll be sure to take great care of the car to decrease the frequency of needing extra work carried out. However, it’s impossible to avoid it altogether. When it does happen, the fact you won’t have to spend days finding the parts will take a huge weight off your shoulders.

Go Citroen.

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