4 Things You Should Teach Your Teenager About Driving a Car

It has happened. Your kiddo is a teenager with a driver permit… oh, boy. For starters, take a deep breath and relax. Now read on for things you should definitely teach your teenager about driving a car.

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Safety Regulations Are There for a Reason

The thrill of being a new driver sometimes causes you to overlook speed limits and push the boundaries of the road. However, you should instill in your teenager that safety regulations are there for a reason. They need to understand the word SAFETY and realize that they are behind the wheel of something dangerous.

Don’t Trust Other Drivers to Be Safe

Teenagers, and really any driver, can be too trusting of other drivers. In actually, you shouldn’t be. You cannot, and shouldn’t, trust other drivers to be safe, because you never know when someone is going to make an unsafe decision and put you and other drivers at risk. It is up to you to be safe because your decisions are the ones that could save your life.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Never text, take calls, or do other things while you drive. Always stay aware of your surroundings, because thousands of accidents every year could have been avoided with attentiveness. You should keep close eyes on everything going on around you, regardless of if you feel comfortable in a driving scenario or not.

Pack Provisions in Your Trunk as a Precaution

From packs of bottled water, to spare tires, flairs, flashlights, and automotive tools, you should always pack provisions in your trunk as a precaution. Again, you never know what will happen, so it’s a good idea to prepare for all variables. Be sure to throw in some non-perishable snacks, like beef jerky and raisins, too.

Do you remember when you were a teenager behind the wheel for the first time? The feeling is exhilarating and that’s okay, but let your kids know that accidents are prevented through obeying safety rules and maintaining awareness. You should also teach them that the type of car you have starting out really doesn’t make a difference. When they have more driving experience later on, they could opt for cash for cars Jacksonville FL, then buy whatever dream car they want. And, the biggest piece of advice…lead by example. Be a good driver to raise a good driver.

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