5 of The World’s Most Amazing Yachts You Wished You Owned

I’ve been on a few different boats in my lifetime, with the most recent type of vessel being a yacht. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t a multi-million dollar kind of yacht, but rather it was something more modest and with just about enough space in to comfortably seat around 4 people inside (it had a cabin with somewhat claustrophobic sleeping quarters in it).

Most Amazing Yachts

Having spent the early years of my life living in a town by the sea, I was somewhat used to seeing and going on all kinds of sea-going vessels. But there were certain types of yacht that I never even knew existed until my teenage years, and they are often referred to as superyachts!

To be honest, they actually look nothing like the typically small yachts that you might encounter at your local marina; rather, these behemoths were actually akin to ships! If you have a love of the sea, and you sometimes ponder what kinds of vessels you would buy if you became a millionaire, then you need to take a look at these 5 amazingly expensive yachts that most of us can only dream of owning!

Spanning an overall length of 65 metres, the “Maìn” is the floating residence of Italian fashion designer and billionaire Giorgio Armani! The fashion supremo would not be seen sailing the high seas in a ‘boring’ yacht, and as you would expect, the interior is decked out with stylish furnishings. If you ever wanted a trendy floating palace, the Maìn is the yacht for you!

Yacht #4: “Senses”

People would commonly associate Google cofounder Larry Page as being a man of technology, but this does not mean he can’t enjoy some time out of the office, and what better way than to spend some leisure time on board his yacht “Senses”!

The yacht has a crew of 14 personnel and has its own helicopter pad, a massive dining room area and 10 en-suite bedrooms.

Yacht #3: “Venus”

This rather impressive superyacht is called Venus, and was commissioned by the late Steve Jobs (one of the cofounders of the Apple Computer Company). It was built back in 2012, but sadly wasn’t completed before the billionaire’s death.

It is made from lightweight aluminium, and its windows were actually designed by Apple’s chief engineer of the firm’s stores. According to Mart from sales.butlertechnik.com, if Apple made yachts, they would probably look like the Venus!

Yacht #2: “Seven Seas”

A bespoke luxury superyacht built for film director Steven Spielberg, the 86-metre long “Seven Seas” was built by Dutch shipyard Oceanco and can accommodate 12 guests, as well as a 26-strong crew.

Considering the occupation of its owner, it’s no surprise that the Seven Seas also features a state of the art cinema on board, and there’s even a landing pad for helicopters should you want to order some pizza to be flown to your yacht before you watch Jaws on the big screen!

Yacht #1: “Eclipse”

Russian football and business tycoon Roman Abramovich has a number of superyachts in his fleet, one of which is the Eclipse. Featuring two swimming pools and bizarrely, a missing defence system, this floating palatial fortress even comes with a helicopter pad – useful for those times when a pep talk is needed with The Blues back in England!


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