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5 Reasons to Have a Safe in Your Vehicle

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Are you considering getting a safe to put in your car or truck? Whether you need to store a gun or other valuables in your vehicle, having a safe is necessary to ensure they remain secure. A safe keeps these items out of unwanted hands and gives you the peace of mind you want to have about your valuables being safe. Read on for 5 reasons you need to have a safe in your vehicle. 


A vehicle left unattended is always at risk for a robbery, even if it has a good security system. Over the years thieves have gotten more advanced and can often get into cars even when they are locked. They will break windows and drill through door handles to try to get into vehicles, especially if they have reason to believe there is something valuable in it. When this happens you will want a reliable, secure safe, such as a Lockā€™er Down safe. These are high quality safes that can be secured to the inside of your vehicle and hidden in places, such as under a seat or in your console. 

Road Trips

Road trips often lead to you having to leave valuables in your vehicles for a period of time. Keep those items secure when you are taking a pit stop or having to leave them in your car overnight by keeping them in a safe. If you are going on a long road trip, you are likely to be carrying with you important documents such as a passport, more cash than normal, or valuables such as jewelry. Getting any of these items stolen could ruin the trip for you so make sure these are all secure in your vehicle. If you are going on a hunting trip, you will be taking hunting rifles with you that you will need to store. For everyone’s safety and the security of the guns, make sure to have a long-gun safe installed in your vehicle. 

Child Safety

Whether you are going on a road trip or an everyday drive with your kids and you have your gun on you, you want to do everything possible to keep it out of their reach. During drives, kids will often get antsy and will find anything they can grab to play with for entertainment. As the driver, they could grab a gun without you even noticing it. A console gun safe in your vehicle will allow it to remain secure throughout your drive and out of your child’s reach.


Potential robbers will look into car windows to see if there is anything valuable in them. Although you don’t want to keep valuables in your car, sometimes you are left with no other choice. Make sure to keep any valuables in your vehicle completely out of sight of anyone looking in. A console safe is good for this because the safe is fully covered. For larger items, you could use a safe that fits under a seat or in a compartment in your trunk. Having these safes completely hidden will dissuade robbers and could prevent a potential break-in into your vehicle. 

Peace of Mind

One of the most important parts about using a safe is the peace of mind it gives you. Whether your goal is to keep valuables out of passersby eyesight or a gun out of unwanted hands, a safe can help to protect from this. The last thing you want is to be unsure of where your valuables are and a safe ensures you know where they are at all times. 

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