5 Secret Ways Of Getting Cheap Car Insurance

Car insurance is often a sore subject to bring up with motorists. Many people have the commonly-held belief that the older they get, the cheaper their car insurance will be.

Car InsuranceA lot of motorists also have an unblemished driving history, and feel that this will stand them in good stead when it comes to getting cheaper renewals.

In many ways, being older and having a good driving history is beneficial to keeping costs down, but sadly they are not the only factors that car insurance firms take into account when calculating any premiums for you.

Other factors that insurers take into account

Some of the main factors that a car insurance company will use when calculating your premiums include where you park your car at night, how often you drive your car, and whether anyone else is to be insured on your policy.

Another main factor is also where you live, because certain parts of the United Kingdom are inherently riskier than others. Car insurance in Northern Ireland, for example, is typically pricier than in England, Scotland or Wales due to the ongoing conflicts over there.

Even living in one part of London might be significantly cheaper than living in another, because it all comes down to risk assessment. Insurers will also know how many claims are made in certain areas for theft or vandalism, so if you live in a dodgy part of town you will have to cough up more cash to keep your motor on the road!

There is a light at the end of the tunnel, I’m pleased to say! You actually have the power to make your insurance premiums go down, even though you might not realise it. Here are 5 secret ways of getting cheap car insurance:

1. Buy a car that’s cheap to insure

If you are planning on buying a Range Rover Evoque and you live in a seriously rough area, you will probably need to remortgage your home to pay for the insurance! Instead, you should buy a car that’s categorised in a low insurance group.

2. Put your partner on your insurance policy

Even if your partner has their own car, you should still put them on your insurance policy. Why? Because it can often help to reduce your insurance premium, as you are technically lessening the risk of a claim being made because the risk is split in two.

3. Use comparison websites

You have seen the adverts on TV for companies such as Compare The Market. Well, you should consider getting quotes through these websites, as you will save a lot of time filling in your details only once!

4. Tweak your job title

Part of your risk is determined by what your occupation is. For example, if you are a web designer you might check to see if stating your occupation as a ‘consultant’ offers a cheaper premium. This is OK to do, as long as your title directly relates to what you do (web designers often consult with clients) but you should never lie about your occupation.

5. Only claim for major problems

If you’ve shunted a car by mistake and your bumper has a few scuffs, pay for the other car’s bodywork to be repaired and either live with the damage to your own car or get the same body shop to repair your car too, as it will often be cheaper to do this than to make a claim on your insurance policy.

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