5 Things To Consider When Moving Out of State

When moving out of state, there are some important decisions to make. Here are five things to consider as you work through the process.

1. Residences

Choosing where to live in your new location is an exciting part of your move. Being there in person to walk through your home options is ideal. In some cases, you will depend on a friend or realtor to help you select your new residence. If you own your own home, getting it on the market might be your first step. Using the escrow from that sale as a down payment for your new place is a good plan. Some choose to rent instead of buy in their new location. They may prefer to be moved out of their house before listing it, or perhaps they don’t plan to be in the new city for more than a year or two. 

5 Things To Consider When Moving Out of State

2. New Address

This is a vital step in your move — you need to notify others of your change of address. You should cancel your utilities, including internet and cable services. Fill out the needed forms with the post office to forward your mail. Next, it is time to set up all the new services at the other end of your journey. You want the lights to turn on when you arrive at your new home. 

3. Vehicles

If you will be driving your own moving truck or flying to your new locale, you might need to ship your vehicles. Look into enclosed car shipping as an option. On the other hand, if you don’t have furniture to move, you might be able to pack all your clothes in the back seat of your car. Traveling across the country on your own with all your possession can be an exciting adventure!

4. Packing

Once you have chosen your new residence, you will know how much of your furniture you can move with you. You might need to sell or store some of your furnishings if your new home is smaller. When you are packing, it is the perfect time to declutter. It feels great to donate household and clothing items you no longer use. 

5. New Neighborhood

Once you get settled, meet your new neighbors and try out the local restaurants. Attend church or other community events and introduce yourself. And of course, start making new friends at work.

Moving can be a new start and a chance to expand your opportunities. By being organized and taking one step at a time, you can enjoy the experience.

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