5 Things to Watch Out For When Buying a Car

Buying a car for the first time might be quite daunting.  It’s certainly nothing like you’ve ever bought before, and in most cases, you will likely be thinking about using car finance to make a purchase.  However, before you dive deep into car sales, there are a few potential traps you will need to know about.  It’s always a good idea to get prepared, so here are five points to keep in mind while shopping around.

Buying a Car

1. Don’t Buy Straight Away – Shop Around

A big no-no when buying a car is making a purchase straight away.  If it’s your first time visiting a car dealer, you are probably going to be eager to find your perfect vehicle.  However, if you don’t shop around and compare deals, your dealer is likely going to be making a lot of money.  Car dealers want you to buy straight away.  Otherwise, you could easily wander away and start comparing better deals elsewhere!

This is where you have the power.  Don’t fall into the ‘buy now’ trap, even if ‘someone else is interested’ in your car!

2. Don’t Buy a Car Until Your Loan is Arranged

Shopping around for a car is a good idea, but you must get your financing options in order first.  If not, you will run the risk of being disappointed at what you can and can’t afford.  What’s more, it makes sense to have money available before you start shopping.  Otherwise, you’re going to be scrambling around for credit you might not necessarily be able to find.

Always consult an expert on car financing and loans before shopping.  Make sure your balance is fully prepared, as much as you are!

3. Be Prepared to Negotiate

You may not be the sort of person who likes to negotiate.  That’s fair!  However, do be aware that if you don’t negotiate when buying a car, you are at the complete mercy of the dealer.  Don’t be tempted, either, to negotiate merely on the dealer’s price tag.

A better method of attack will be to do your research.  Work out how much the dealership paid for your car based on available data online.  Check this information and bring it with you to negotiation.  It’ll put you in a much stronger position to get a great deal on the car you want.

4. Take Time to Think

Car dealerships are notorious for wanting to make sales and to make them quickly.  Therefore, don’t ever be afraid to take some time out to consider a deal or negotiation.  If a lot of money is at stake, it makes sense to mull things over.

Again, don’t feel pressured if a dealer suggests that the car you want is in high demand.  This is the oldest trick in the book – don’t buy into it.  Take control of the situation, and let the dealer know you’re in control.

5. Inspect the Car

When considering a specific car, you should always be prepared to scrutinise. That means asking to see under the bonnet, or to check the upholstery and the suspension. Car dealers have no right to hide anything from you. What’s more, you should never feel embarrassed about having to ask for a closer look.

Do also make sure to check a car’s condition in good lighting, and good weather. Poor visibility could hide some serious issues. If it’s dark or raining when you first view a car, ask to see it another day.

Final Thoughts

Buying a car shouldn’t be a stressful scenario. However, there are plenty of things you can do to prepare yourself. Always be ready to do a little research into the market! What’s more, you should never start shopping around until you have your finance in place.

It can be exciting to buy your first vehicle – and providing you know how to avoid the bigger traps with confidence, you’ll be sure to get a deal you can be proud of.

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