5 Things You Must Never Do After A Minor Car Crash

When you have an accident in an automobile, it can be difficult to keep your mind straight. However, if you go over these critical pieces of advice a few times, it will hopefully linger in your memory. Let’s take a look at some of the things you should never do after a car crash.

Admit responsibility

The moment you admit any kind of responsibility, it will be very hard to blame the other party. They could use what you said against you in court or through their insurance claim, so make sure you keep calm and keep your mouth shut. Try not to throw any accusations in their direction, regardless of how obvious i is that the accident was their fault.

Lose your temper

One of the reasons you shouldn’t throw accusations around is because it can often lead to arguments. And, should it get heated, it could turn violent. No matter how sure you are that you can handle yourself, you have no idea what the other party is capable of – or what they have been doing before the crash. Perhaps it is some guy who has just heard of a death in his family Perhaps it is a woman that has a gun in the glove box and isn’t afraid to use it. The point is; you don’t know.

Forget what happened

It’s easy to forget things in the heat of the moment, but you can’t afford to not have a clear idea of what happened. As soon as the adrenaline has eased off, and you are completely safe, make sure you write down what happened. It will be handy for your accident attorney to understand what has happened, and the most accurate way of recording it is to get it down on paper asap. Try not to forget any minor details, and don’t rely on other people’s version of events. When push comes to shove, you could end up with conflicting stories, and it is better to be sure of your own than in agreement with somebody else’s.

Leave the scene

It doesn’t matter how minor the crash is; it is still necessary to report the incident to law enforcement agencies. Why? Because cars are powerful machines, and even if it appears no damage has been done straight away, something could surface at a later date. Plus, in some states, it’s actually a felony to walk away if somebody is seriously injured and you drive off after your crash.

Forget insurance details

OK, so you have had a crash, and the other driver has accepted full responsibility. You get in the car, drive off and ring your insurance company so they can pay out for your accident claim. The trouble is you didn’t get the driver’s insurance details. And when you eventually track down the registration plate you find out it was a stolen car. You must get their auto insurance details, no matter how small the crash was. You never know how serious it could turn out if you don’t.

Keep these points in mind. With any luck, you’ll never need them. But, in case you do…

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