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7 Of The Most Expensive Car Crashes Ever

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Here at Sell The Car USA we see a variety of damaged and wrecked cars every single day – but perhaps none that are worth quite this amount of money. We’re betting the owners of these cars wish they had taken a little bit more care, or perhaps not even bothered getting them out of garage at all!

Mercedes Benz 300 SL Gulwing – $1 million

The Gulwing is considered by many to be THE classic car. The owner of this stunning vehicle was taking place in the annual “La Carrera Panamericana” – a street race through towns and cities in Mexico and unfortunately the car came off second best after colliding with a few static objects.

Mercedes Benz 300 SL Gulwing

Jaguar XJ220 – $1 million

This crash which took place in the early 90s is considered one of the most expensive on record. There were only around 300 ever sold which means the value has soared in recent years. The owner lost control while leaving his local golf club and ended up destroying the entire front end.

Jaguar XJ220

McLaren F1 – $1.25 million

With such a huge price tag you would expect the owners to take a bit of care with the McLaren F1. Not Rowan Atkinson though who somehow managed to wreck 2 of these glorious vehicles in a matter of years, although with a top speed of 231 mph we can understand how that would be possible.

McLaren F1

Ferrari Enzo – $1.3 million

Notorious criminal Stefan Eriksson spectacularly crashed a Ferrari Enzo in 2006 after reaching reported speeds of 196 mph! The vehicle came off second best to a pole and seemed to split this car almost straight in half.

Ferrari Enzo

Bugatti Veyron – $1.6 million

With only 300 of these expected to ever be made it could be a difficult car to replace. The driver was reported to have been doing in excess of 100 mph, which combined with the wet and windy conditions meant that this car’s best days are now long behind it.

Bugatti Veyron

Ferrari 250 GT Spyder – $10 million

Taking your Ferrari 250 GT Spyder down to the beach might seem like everyones idea of a great day out, just make sure that it’s not hurricane season and you remember to take it with you when you leave, otherwise this happens.

Ferrari 250 GT Spyder

Ferrari 250 GTO – $28.5 million

When a car is worth this much money you wonder how much courage it takes to drive it on the roads. We guarantee the owner of this car is now regretting that decision – why couldn’t they just leave it in the garage like everyone else would!

Ferrari 250 GTO

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