A Fool-Proof Guide To Preparing Your Car For Sale

When it comes to selling your car, you’re looking for a quick sale and a fair price. It sounds simple and easy, but unfortunately it’s anything but! Getting the right price for your car is a tricky job, and it all starts with preparing your vehicle for sale. The more you can do to make your car attractive to buyers, the faster you’ll pass it on. Remember, car buyers are looking for a hassle free transaction so they can drive away immediately.


It’s a known fact that cars depreciate. Over the course of their lifetime, they naturally decrease in value. Only rare and classic cars have the luxury of increasing their value! With a standard road car, it could lose up to half its original price tag in just two or three years. As a seller, it’s your job to retain as much of that value as possible. Here’s how.

Make any repairs and get an MOT certificate

The best thing you can do for buyers is present them with a healthy, reliable car. They’re not just buying a vehicle, they’re buying peace of mind. If the vehicle has any noticeable fault, spend a little money to repair them. Trust us, you’ll recoup the money easily and secure a faster sale. It’s also worth taking the car for an MOT. This gives every buyer a guarantee that the car is fit and healthy. That alone is enough to push the asking price up and make a quick sale.

Clean it

It might sound like an obvious suggestion, but it really works. Buyers make an immediate judgement based on the appearance of the vehicle. A clean, shiny exterior can give the impression that your car is much newer than it is. It also shows a level of care and attention. Buyers will automatically assume the same care has been shown to the engine.

Gather your documentation

When selling your car, buyers will ask to see a full service history. They want to know about the car’s history and if there are any underlying problems. By presenting all the service documentation, they can see how well the car has been cared for. It should note every health check, repair, and MOT. It will also list the mileage count. It’s a simple thing that gives buyers peace of mind.

Get a variety of quotes

The trickiest part of selling your car is setting the price. Too high, and you’ll scare off buyers entirely. Too low, and you risk losing money. First of all, get a sense of the average resale price of your car; understand the market around you. Secondly, visit a few dealers and ask for a quote. If you’re selling a Toyota Prius, visit the Toyota dealer and ask for a full estimate of value. Use these expert opinions to determine the right price to charge.

Choose the best place to sell

Finally, all that’s left to do is sell the car! There are a variety of options here. You can sell direct to the dealers, take it to auction, or sell the car privately. Private sales are usually the most lucrative, but there’s a little more work involved.

There you have it, folks! Follow this advice and you’ll sell your old motor quickly, and for a great price. Good luck!

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