Air Suspension 101: Find Out What It Is And Why Your Car Should Have It

Most people associate air suspension with hot rod cars. But did you know that it’s making its way into mainstream car modifying? In the past, enthusiasts would opt for lowered springs and gas shock absorbers. Some would even use adjustable “coil-over” suspension.

air suspension

More car enthusiasts are turning to air suspension. Is this something you have thought about doing? If so, it’s likely you might not know a lot about the subject. That’s where today’s guide comes in handy! Keep reading to find out more about the fascinating world of air suspension.

What is air suspension?

Air suspension is a replacement for the conventional springs that get fitted to all modern vehicles. Instead of using metal springs, you can install “airbags” in their place. The great thing about air suspension is that they are easy to install.

When you buy an air suspension kit, you also get special mounting brackets that get supplied by the manufacturer. That means you don’t have to find someone to make them up for you. If your car has an unusual suspension setup, don’t fret! There are kits out there designed for a plethora of suspension systems.

By now, I’m sure you will have seen a car with air suspension in action. You know what I mean; the cars that seem to “dance” or jump along as they drive down the road! If that’s not reason enough to buy some air suspension parts for your car, perhaps these reasons will convince you:

They offer great tuning potential

Conventional coil-over suspension kits need lots of manual changes to get the “right” setup for your car. It can take anything from an hour to several weeks to get right – even by skilled experts!

The thing about air suspension is you don’t need to get so precise with your adjustments. They offer a broader scope for customisation. And so, adjusting them to your needs is both a quick and fun affair!

They make your car handle better on the road

Air suspension is progressive. The further they travel, the stiffer they get. That means you can make your car handle as soft or as hard as you like on the road. When you have a stiff suspension setup, it’s almost impossible to skid when going around a corner at speed.

That’s because your car has a lower centre of gravity. Try doing the same thing in a car that’s high off the ground, and the results will often be much different! When you fit air suspension with adjustable shock absorbers, you can create the perfect setup for your needs.

The cool factor

Let’s face it; some folks only fit air suspension to their cars because they want to look cool! Imagine driving up to a car show and “dropping” your car so low it looks like the one in the photo further up this page!

As surprising as it might sound, some people like to drive their cars like that. And some do without causing any damage to their vehicles!

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