Are Motorists More Savvy When It Comes To Selling Their Cars?

Call it an urban myth, a well-known fact or what you will. There’s no denying that motorists have plenty of choices when it comes to selling their cars.

It goes without saying that the Internet makes it easier than ever to sell one’s vehicle. There used to be a time where car owners preferred to trade in their car at dealerships. After all; they’ll get a “good price” on their car, right?

Vauxhall Astra Mk V

Well, we all know today that the trade price offered for a vehicle is lower than what you’d get if you made a private sale. Because of that fact, today’s car sellers are more savvy about what they’ll accept. But, do they still get a better deal for their vehicles? It seems that way if the following points get taken on board:

The Internet offers a great research tool

Before most people sell their cars these days, what they’ll first do is go online. They do so because they want to research the market and learn how much they can expect to get for their vehicles.

When I had to sell my car recently, I did the same thing. I didn’t know how much it was worth. And, I wanted to offer a fair price that was still higher than what I’d get at a dealership.

They wait for the right time

Sure, there will be some folks that have to sell their cars sooner rather than later. But, for most people, they are willing to wait a while. Why? Because it often pays to sell a car at the “right” time!

For example, let’s say that you own a convertible, and you want to sell it. Doing so in the middle of winter is a bad idea because of the weather. You’re likely to fetch a higher price if you sell during the summer months when there’s plenty of sun!

They select the right marketplace

Sometimes, the only way to sell some models is in a specialised market. Let’s say that you’ve got an old Ford Model A for sale. Buyers are more likely to get found in places where classic and antique cars get sold.

Using the Ford Model A as an example, you might also want to advertise it on a marketplace frequented by hot rod fans. If you’ve watched a TV programme like Fast ‘N Loud, you’ll know those cars are good for turning into hot rods!

They sell cars that are nothing short of immaculate

Let’s say that two identical vehicles are on sale. Both have good engines and mechanical parts. But, one of those cars is dirty and filled with rubbish. Which one do you think will command the higher price?

It pays to spend a day giving your car the Concours treatment. First impressions count when it comes to selling cars.

Today’s savvy motorists know this, and that’s why they walk away from a deal with more cash in their pocket!

So, is it any wonder that you’re more likely to find people selling cars themselves these days?

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